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Radiesse® Highlands, NC

Radiesse® in Highlands, NC



RADIESSE® is a soft tissue filler especially useful in elevating deep folds and filling areas of volume loss or apparent loss, such as under your eye, your cheek, and your pre-jowl area. This disguises the area and can substitute for a facelift if your aging is early. Therefore, it is quite useful in Today’s Liquid Lift. It can also correct nasal deformities instead of doing a rhinoplasty and correct hand aging.

Composed of calcium hydroxylapatite (a compound found naturally in the body) microspheres in a nonreactive gel, it is thicker than the hyaluronic acids other than Juvéderm® Voluma. Surgeons have used the basic molecule in cleft lip and palate and other facial reconstructions for over 40 years. The FDA has approved it for filling moderate to severe lines and folds and lipoatrophy (loss of fat or volume in the face). Because the composition is quite thick, we inject it deeper. We prefer it to Sculptra® because its results are immediate and it lasts almost as long. Although designed to maximize tissue ingrowth to prevent migration, we generally do not use it in the lips because of a small possibility of nodule formation there.

The major advantages of Radiesse® are that:

  • it lasts 18 months on average,
  • it stimulates the tissue to produce new collagen,
  • it rebuilds the skin foundation allowing you to maintain some of the correction achieved even after the product has absorbed.

We inject it in a Spa setting using either topical or regional nerve block numbing in addition to a numbing agent in the Radiesse® itself, making it as painless as we can. You can return to normal activities immediately. The most common problem is mild bruising that can last a few days. We try to reduce this by using where possible a very small blunt needle and encouraging your use of Arnica Montana and Bromelain (over the counter products, though we can provide them) or Pineapple juice peri-injection. If you do bruise, we can guide you in camouflage techniques using Jane Iredale® Mineral Make Up so you never have any down time.


Cheek, under Eyes, NL fold

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