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Center For Plastic Surgery Blog

“WWII’s Guinea Pig Club helped revolutionize plastic surgery”

This excerpt from the book “Extreme Medicine: How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the Twentieth Century” by Kevin Fong illustrates how efforts to treat troops’ horrific wounds during World War II transformed the field of plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgeon Archibald McIndoe was among those treating severe burns and reconstructing facial features using skin flap and other Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Obesity may increase risk of breast cancer death in younger women.

The CBS Evening News (5/14, story 6, 2:05, Pelley) reported that new research has found “a strong link between obesity and breast cancer deaths.” CBS’ Vinita Nair added that the researchers “found the risk of dying from the most common type increased by 34 percent for women who were obese before menopause.” On its website, NBC News (5/15, Fox) Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Slim Down for Summer with the Zerona Laser

When the sun heats up and the mercury rises, it’s time to whip out those bikinis and dresses again, right? For most of us – no! Even those people who are slimmer tend to gain 5-7 pounds during the winter and holiday months, so it is no surprise that when it’s suddenly summer; everyone wants Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Viagra Linked to Increased Rate of Melanoma

NBC News (4/8, Aleccia) reports on its website that a group of researchers has linked Viagra [sildenafil] to melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer. The study finds an 84% increase among users of the prescription drug versus controls. Lead author Dr. Abrar Qureshi cautioned patients that the results are preliminary and are not a Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Lab-grown Vaginas Implanted in 4 Women.

        Plastic Surgeons have been constructing vaginas for many years in women with congenital  absence, in sexual reassignment and after loss in cancer surgery or injury. This reconstruction, until now has been by use of a skin graft that has the potential of creating a large scar at the place from where the Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Successful Dieting Requires Less Calorie Counting

The AP (4/11, Choi) reports that dieters are doing less calorie-counting and instead focusing on foods that make them feel more satisfied. The piece notes that “the new thinking is that eating foods with more protein or fat will make dieters less likely to binge later, even if they’re higher in calories.” This is what we at Read the Rest   &#x25B6


How a Thigh Lift Can Change Your Shape

Beach wraps, Capri shorts, maxi skirts and straight leg pants. We certainly go through a lot of trouble to hide our thighs! Yet no matter how much we try to slim them out with the right clothes, workouts, diets and crams, the thighs for most women are one of the most difficult areas to slim, Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Studies Again Show Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer

The NPR (3/21, Shute) “Shots” blog reports that research presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference suggests that “exercise reduces women’s risk of breast cancer,” regardless of “what kind of exercise they do, how old they are, how much they weigh, or when they get started.” Investigators looked at data from “studies that involved more than 4 Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Getting Rid of Acne With Microdermabrasion

Acne, it’s a word that can bring up so much frustration for most people – something we all had to deal with in our teens, and for many of us, still struggle with. For many people, using a simple or even prescription strength cleanser and dream will take care of the problem, and it will Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Trim, Toned Arms with an Arm Lift

When it comes to be that time of year again to bare our arms in sleeveless tops, dresses and swimsuits, most people would rather keep the sleeves on! The backs of your arms in particular can be tricky to tone with exercise and diet alone, particularly if you have recently lost a lot of weight Read the Rest   &#x25B6