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Facelift | Highlands, NC

What is a Facelift procedure?

Facelift in North CarolinaYou should look as good as you feel. In time, gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on your face:

  • deep creases appear around the mouth,
  • the cheeks hollow,
  • the jaw line slackens,
  • folds and fat deposits appear in the neck.

Our modern Facelift, Today’s Facelift™, developed from the MACS Lift from Belgium, the Quicklift®, and others (including that of Dr. John Ransom Lewis’ of Atlanta) overcomes the problems and shortcomings of previous facelifts. It

  • provides a Natural alternative to the traditional facelift,
  • is personalized to your individual needs,
  • elevates the fat and underlying support structures back to where they originally were (not backward like older facelifts),
  • preserves this fat to provide facial fullness rather than thinning it and requiring fat grafting to achieve a youthful look,
  • redefines the jawline,
  • firms and tightens the neck,
  • permanently re-suspends the tissues for a longer lasting result,
  • re-drapes the skin upward, recreating a fresher, more youthful, natural and rested look.

Today’s Facelift™ has a number of distinct advantages.

  • It is applicable to everyone by modifying the technique slightly.
  • It corrects minimal aging with a minimal incision.
  • It corrects even severe aging of the cheek and neck.
  • It is ideal for redo’s correcting many of the problems of older procedures.
  • It repositions the fat to its normal position rather than removing or thinning it.
  • It is safer than older facelifts since there is less skin undermining and less chance to injure the facial nerve (the nerve controlling facial motion).
  • It prevents the loss of the sideburn and descent of the earlobe found in previous facelifts.
  • It provides excellent correction of the neck.
  • The results are superior to and longer lasting than most other procedures.
  • You can expect to be able to return to most normal activities including work or social engagements within a week or two.

Our goal is to provide you the correction you desire, with as natural a result as possible. We want you to look like you have had a great vacation, not like you had surgery. The incision is kept as short as possible depending on how lax your neck skin is. This is done with less skin undermining, and, thus, less risk and faster recovery. This procedure is ideal for correcting the neck. Thus, if you think you only need a neck lift, Today’s Facelift™ is a better answer, as it corrects the lower face as well as the neck, and does so with less visible scar, the same or less surgery and generally faster recovery. Today’s Facelift is also an excellent choice if you need just a “touch up” at a younger age or have already had a facelift.

To achieve complete rejuvenation, your skin, eyes and/or brow may need separate treatment. Browlift, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping or skin rejuvenation can provide you even more dramatic results. Incisions in the surgical procedures are made in inconspicuous places such as behind the hairline and in natural folds where they generally fade to near invisibility in time.

How Long Will My Facelift Results Last?

A facelift is a permanent procedure. You will, however, continue to age, but whatever improvement you have achieved will continue. The procedure we do, unlike the older procedures, actually slows the further aging, so the need for further procedures is delayed or reduced.

Will a Facelift Get Rid of All of My Wrinkles?

A facelift corrects the signs of aging from gravity and skin stretch. It replaces the skin and underlying fat back to their normal, youthful elevated position. By tightening the skin, it also reduces some wrinkles. However, it does not eliminate the crinkles and wrinkles from sun damage and underlying muscle action on the skin. This is why we frequently combine skin rejuvenation with a facelift.

Dr. Buchanan Answers Patients’ Facelift Questions

RealSelf Q&A with Robert T. Buchanan, MD

Will I be Awake During Facelift Surgery?

Although a facelift can be done under local anesthesia with sedation (where you are technically awake) we have found that almost everyone prefers to go to sleep and know nothing about the procedure. We have also found that this is much safer and the recovery is significantly faster since your liver and kidneys do not have to metabolize the sedative drugs to get rid of them. The gasses used in general anesthesia are eliminated through the lungs very quickly after they are cut off. After general anesthesia, most people are back to feeling almost normal by the evening of the surgery or the next morning. Many non plastic surgeons are touting the advantages of local anesthesia only because they do not have privileges in an accredited OR or cannot get a board certified anesthesiologist because of safety to work with them in their non accredited office.

How Long Will Bruising and Swelling Last?

The majority of the swelling usually resolves in a few days to a week to where most people will not notice. The bruising can take up to 2 weeks to disappear, however, we give everyone 2 medicines to reduce the bruising and help it dissipate faster. We also give you camouflage make-up and show you how to use it as soon as the skin stitches are out, usually 3-4 days post op.

Will I Go Home After Facelift Surgery?

Although a facelift can be done as an outpatient with you going home immediately after awakening, we have found that most people do much better spending the first night in the hospital. This reduces the risk of nausea, thus reducing the risk of bleeding. It allows experienced nurses to care for you when you are most incapable of doing so yourself. By the next morning, most people feel almost normal, much better, in fact, than if they had received sedation during the procedure.

Today’s Facelift, like its predecessor the MACS Lift, is designed to significantly slow the continued effects of gravity by suspending the face from solid fixed points on bone, not mobile soft tissue like other procedures do. For those who do have a recurrence of the problems that prompted a previous facelift or just want to “freshen” your appearance, Today’s Facelift™ provides improved results, more safety, and correction of many of the stigmata associated with previous facelifts.

While many people may require full surgical rejuvenation, others may be able to delay surgery and still achieve significant rejuvenation with Today’s Liquid Lift™ using fillers and Botox®.

Before and After – 49 Year Old Primary
Before & After Facelift in Highlands, NC

Before and After – 73 Year Old Primary
Facelift in Highland North Caroline

Before and After – 67 Year Old Secondary
Facelift by Dr. Robert T. Buchanan M.D.,

Before and After – 75 Year Old Secondary
Facelift at Center for Plastic Surgery Highland, NC
















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