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Lip Enhancement Highlands, NC

Get Fuller Lips with Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement in Highlands, NC

Full lips are sensual and a sign of youth. As we age:

  • the upper lip elongates,
  • the definition of the border flattens and the lip becomes flat or, even, concave,
  • the philtrum columns are diminished or lost,
  • lines appear,
  • and the fullness of both lips is diminished.

We now have a variety of techniques available to enhance your lips, or return them to their youthful state giving them a naturally full, sexier, more youthful appearance.

Replacement of lost substance with Juvéderm® Ultra XC Injectable Gel offers excellent immediate results. It can redefine the lips and philtral columns, add volume and erase lines. Although your body will eventually absorb much of what is injected, each subsequent treatment is usually less than the preceding one. Treatments generally last about 10 months, but results can be quite different from person to person. Fat is also an excellent filler for the aging lips, especially since the aging deformity is secondary to loss of fat there. We perform filler and fat injections in the office in a spa like setting using numbing. We also use blunt cannulas to reduce the incidence of bruising. Medications are available to further help reduce bruising. You can return immediately to your normal activities.

Lip Enhancement in Highlands, NCLip Enhancement in Highlands, NCIf you desire a more permanent solution than filler, we can use fat or “Alloderm®,” (a solid modified collagen sheet) as a graft or a soft solid silicone implant. These techniques are relatively permanent, although touch-ups may be required from time to time to maintain desired fullness.

For the upper lip, another option is excision of a strip of the stretched upper lip skin, hiding the scar at the lip vermillion or nose junction. This turns the red of the lip out, and can even give you a smiling appearance. All of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia in our office surgical suite. You are able to return to most normal activities following the procedure, but, if you elect to use a sedative, you will need someone to drive you home. Swelling and some bruising will be present immediately following the procedure and can take a week or two to disappear completely. We can, however, show you how to easily disguise this with makeup.

Before and After – Vermillion Excision
Before and After - Vermillion Excision in Highlands, NC

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