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Light and Laser Skin Resurfacing Highlands, NC

multi ethnic group of women with different skin types

Benefits of Skin Resurfacing with Luxor® Specialized CO2 Laser

The Luxor® Specialized CO2 Laser makes it possible for us to precisely remove your wrinkles, scars or abnormal pigment that skin care or peels do not easily correct. This machine’s design, using more intense bursts of laser light with more time between bursts, prevents overheating of the skin and achieves the desired result with fewer risks and less prolonged redness. It also allows us to target precisely your specific lines, wrinkles or scars to remove them with faster recovery. Most people heal within 5-8 days, and it is rare that anyone has any open area past 10 days. This is as fast as Fractional Lasers. Once healing occurs, we will show you how to apply makeup to disguise the small amount of redness that remains.

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The Ellipse IPL® offers the advantages of Intense Pulsed Light therapy, the only proven technology to treat both the red and brown areas of skin sun damage, but does so with less discomfort and more safety than traditional treatment for the same problems. Intense Pulsed Light is similar to Laser light but uses a band of light instead of a single wavelength. With this technology, there is absolutely no downtime. The Ellipse IPL® allows services not otherwise possible since the wavelengths used are more precise than with other IPL’s. It requires no anesthesia, and you can return to normal activities immediately. Each treatment provides improvement of the problem. Because of this, you can select the endpoint you desire.

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