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Radiesse® Highlands, NC

We have, since the availability of Juvéderm Voluma, switched to it since it lasts longer and is reversible, thus safer.



RADIESSE® was the first soft tissue filler heavy enough to make it especially useful in elevating deep folds and filling areas of volume loss or apparent loss, such as under the eye, cheek, and the pre-jowl area. Radiesse® was first available in 2005 and allowed us to disguise areas of facial aging and even substitute for a facelift in early aging. Therefore, it became quite useful and one of the main products used in Today’s Liquid Lift. It could also correct nasal deformities instead of doing a rhinoplasty and correct hand aging.

What is Radiesse Composed Of?

Composed of calcium hydroxylapatite (a compound found naturally in the body) microspheres in a nonreactive gel, it is thicker than the hyaluronic acids other than Juvéderm® Voluma which was not available until 2014. Surgeons had used the basic molecule in cleft lip and palate and other facial reconstructions for over 40 years. The FDA has approved it for filling moderate to severe lines and folds and lipoatrophy (loss of fat or volume in the face). Because the composition is quite thick, we began to inject it deeper, quite different from all the other fillers. We preferred it to Sculptra® because its results are immediate and it lasts almost as long.

Where Can Radiesse Be Used?

One of the main places we placed it was below the ligament along the inferior orbital rim causing the tear trough, pushing it up and eliminating the depression. At the time, everyone else injecting the tear troughs was putting a thinner hyaluronic acid filler above the orbital ligament and saying we were doing it wrong. However, placing a filler above the ligament frequently caused unusual swelling, so we kept coming back to placing Radiesse™ below it. When Juvéderm Voluma™ came on the market, one of the physicians who had help develop it began to teach the method we had been using for over 9 years.

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Cheek, under Eyes, NL fold

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