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Center For Plastic Surgery Blog

Of Course You’ve Heard Of It…But Do You Know These Botox® Facts?

Botox® is an amazing aesthetic cosmetic treatment. It is hugely popular world-wide but you may not know much about it and how it works. Read on to learn 12 facts about this popular treatment: Botox® is made from botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxic protein produced by bacteria…the same bacteria that causes the disease botulism. Read the Rest   &#x25B6


It’s The Perfect Time to Consider Looking Your Best

Time flies. Popular maxims such as living your best life and seizing the day ring oh so true. No matter the time of your life, this may be the perfect time to refresh your image, regardless of your age or gender. There are many plastic surgery options available today and choosing from them can be Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Give Yourself a “Hand”

Consider your hands. Think of all the things they have accomplished over the course of your life: The meals prepared, the love given, the dishes washed, the diapers changed, the letters written and the flowers planted. Your hands have worked hard and are one of the first places to show the visible signs of aging. Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Face Your Future With A Facelift!

What does your future look like to you…how do you see yourself as you age? These may be very difficult questions to answer, but more men and women “of a certain age” are considering a facelift as a way to rejuvenate their appearance and bring a more youthful look to their lives. Having more candles Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Considering a Breast Lift?

Perky breasts…something to think about (if you haven’t already), whether you are a grandmother or a new mother. Breast implants are still a popular elective surgery, but women of all ages are opting to beautify their décolletage without implants. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) seems to be outpacing breast implants two to one since 2002, according Read the Rest   &#x25B6


10 Worst Mistakes in Sun Damage Protection

I got these off AOL a week or so ago. I tried to find the source to just create a link but could not find it, so I have reproduced them and added my own comments. If you want skin that is healthy and looks good, the absolute number one thing you can do is Read the Rest   &#x25B6


The 411 On Chronic Venous Insufficiency

The heart and network of blood vessels make up the cardiovascular system (also known as circular system). Generally, the blood vessels carry blood to and from the heart for oxygenation and the transport of nutrients. There are three basic types of blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a condition affecting Read the Rest   &#x25B6


The Importance of Daily Sunscreen

About this time of year, many start thinking about using sunscreen and many stores add new sunscreen choices. The truth, however, is that we all need to use a good sunscreen every day all year. It needs to protect from both UVB, the rays that cause sunburn and are present mainly in the south, mid-day Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Which Breast Implants Should You Get?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation can get you as close to perfect breasts as is possible without photoshop. Changing the size and shape of the breast, this surgery can help you feel more balanced or more like yourself, especially after a drastic chance, such as pregnancy, drastic weight loss, an accident, Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Breast Reduction: When Being Well-Endowed Becomes a Problem

There’s no denying that a good number of women would want to improve the size of their breasts. This is clearly evident in last year’s statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, wherein breast enhancement procedures ranked second in the top 5 most frequently performed surgical cosmetic procedures. Yet, it should be noted Read the Rest   &#x25B6