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Center For Plastic Surgery Blog

Your Plastic Surgery “Caretaker”

The decision to undergo a plastic or cosmetic surgical procedure is a big one that you likely made with the help and support of a loved one. So, as you ready yourself for surgery, here are a few things to pass along to your point-person and caretaker, the one who will be helping you along Read the Rest   &#x25B6


What To Do In Your Filler and Injectible “Between” Times

Whether you’re a Juvederm, Botox, Belotero or Radiesse fan, it’s a good idea to care for your skin between your treatments. You want the best, most optimum results, and we want that for you, too. That’s why it makes sense to care for your skin, everyday, and most importantly, between your filler and injectable treatments. Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Think About Spring Skincare As You Bid Winter A Fond Goodbye

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring…each presents its own, unique skin care issues…and each calls for a different skincare routine. Your fragile facial skin is bombarded daily by the elements…from winter’s chill to summer’s heat. You should give your skin the tender, loving care it needs to thrive throughout the year – and especially now that spring Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Just The Facts About Cellulite

Cellulite…if you have it, you are definitely not alone. It appears as “orange-peel” dimples on your thighs, belly, buttocks and hips and although it’s name sounds like a serious medical condition, it’s not. It’s merely cosmetic and is not physically harmful. Cellulite affects approximately 85% of women at some point during their lives. And the Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Are You Contemplating Facial Cosmetic Surgery? Read On To Learn About What Is Trending In Anesthesia

Facial aesthetic surgeries such as face lifts, neck lifts, eyelid lifts and rhinoplasties (“nose Jobs”) are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures world-wide and also among the most requested procedures at the Center For Plastic Surgery. Men and women of all ages, but especially those “of a certain age,” want their faces to reflect Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Let’s Talk About Elastin and Collagen

Keeping your skin flexible and firm are worthy skin-care goals for everyone. The proteins Collagen and Elastin play a very important role in meeting those goals. You’ve no doubt heard of them, read about them and may have wondered what they are. Collagen is an abundant protein found in your hair, nails, skin, tendons, muscles Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Breast Augmentation 101


Let’s Talk About Adult Acne

  The days of teenage pimples and acne may be in your past, but these days, the face of acne is changing and it may look more like the adult you. In fact, many women in their thirties, forties and fifties regularly battle acne breakouts. This can be annoying, stressful and just one other thing Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Would You Like To Know More About CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing?

The new year brings changes, resolutions and time to evaluate your body and your life. If you have considered treating the problem areas of your skin, such as birthmarks, sun damage, age-spots, acne scars or fine lines, a laser skin resurfacing treatment may be just the thing and the perfect time may be now. Laser Read the Rest   &#x25B6


It’s Winter And It’s Cold…The Perfect Combination For Itchy, Dry Skin

Dry skin. Itchy skin. If you suffer from it you know how annoying it can be. You find yourself itching and scratching at your legs and arms…and trying to reach your back to no avail. Yikes! Winter temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc with your skin…all of it. If you suffer from chronic dry Read the Rest   &#x25B6