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Center For Plastic Surgery Blog

The 411 On Chronic Venous Insufficiency

The heart and network of blood vessels make up the cardiovascular system (also known as circular system). Generally, the blood vessels carry blood to and from the heart for oxygenation and the transport of nutrients. There are three basic types of blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a condition affecting Read the Rest   &#x25B6


The Importance of Daily Sunscreen

About this time of year, many start thinking about using sunscreen and many stores add new sunscreen choices. The truth, however, is that we all need to use a good sunscreen every day all year. It needs to protect from both UVB, the rays that cause sunburn and are present mainly in the south, mid-day Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Which Breast Implants Should You Get?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation can get you as close to perfect breasts as is possible without photoshop. Changing the size and shape of the breast, this surgery can help you feel more balanced or more like yourself, especially after a drastic chance, such as pregnancy, drastic weight loss, an accident, Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Breast Reduction: When Being Well-Endowed Becomes a Problem

There’s no denying that a good number of women would want to improve the size of their breasts. This is clearly evident in last year’s statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, wherein breast enhancement procedures ranked second in the top 5 most frequently performed surgical cosmetic procedures. Yet, it should be noted Read the Rest   &#x25B6


What Does It Take to Have Total Facial Rejuvenation?

Everyone will eventually succumb to the signs of facial aging — from forehead wrinkles to sagging eyelids to nasolabial folds. No one is exempted from this fact of life. The good news is you can actually take measures to either reduce or tone down their appearance either via surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Let’s explore Read the Rest   &#x25B6


New Study Shows 79% of Heart Attacks may be Preventable by Lifestyle Changes

We at the Center for Plastic Surgery have been teaching lifestyle modification for years to improve general health and reduce the risks of many diseases. A new study has added further credence our teachings. The study of Swedish men reports that four out of five “heart attacks in men are actually preventable when a person makes changes Read the Rest   &#x25B6


What You Need to Know If You’ve Been Considering Rhinoplasty

Men and women visit us here at our practice seeking rhinoplasty for various reasons. Some find that their nose is too small or too large, too projected or not projected enough, the base is wide, or the tip is overly wide in relation to the entirety of the nose. No matter what your reasons are Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Low-carb diets may be better than low-fat diets for protecting against heart disease.

On the front of its Science Times section, the New York Times (9/2, D1, O’Connor, Subscription Publication) reports that individuals “who avoid carbohydrates and eat more fat, even saturated fat, lose more body fat and have fewer cardiovascular risks than people who follow the low-fat diet that health authorities have favored for decades,” according to Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Younger Looking Skin Starts from Within

If you’ve been searching long and hard for the single most important secret for younger looking skin, it’s actually been staring you in the face all along – it’s you. Or more specifically it’s the way you look after yourself as while the products you choose to look after your skin will make a difference, Read the Rest   &#x25B6


Many “Medical” Spas Lack Proper Oversight.

The Hampton Roads (VA) Virginian-Pilot (8/29, Simpson) reports on the growing trend of spas “tacking the word ‘medical’” onto their business’s name and “pitching invasive services,” often without “proper doctor oversight.” The paper writes that the trend is a result of a few factors, including “aging baby boomers, people looking for a cheaper alternative to Read the Rest   &#x25B6