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ZERONA™ Non-invasive Body Slimming Highlands, NC

ZERONA™ Non-invasive Body Slimming

Would you like to reduce fat and contour your body without surgery? You can lose inches without discomfort or effort. You simply lie under the low level LASER device for six painless treatments over 2 weeks. Each treatment consists of 20 minutes on your abdomen and 20 minutes on your back. Otherwise, you can continue your daily activities without interruption. The device is FDA approved for fat reduction, and, unlike many machines presently in the marketplace, really works. It creates a small hole in the fat cell membrane, allowing the fat to seep out where it is absorbed and eliminated. There is absolutely no surgery, no pain and no down time.

We have found this technology excellent for those without excess skin to:

  • reduce more general areas than with Liposuction,
  • reduce fat generally before Liposuction of specific remaining areas,
  • reduce multiple areas,
  • and to jump start weight loss.

Although Zerona™ does not destroy the fat cells as with Liposuction and Tummy Tuck, we have had no one regain the lost fat.

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