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Lose Fat Without the Knife

Monday, October 30th, 2017

ZERONA™ Non-invasive Body Slimming Highlands, NCWhen it comes to losing excess, stubborn body fat, you only have one option: invasive surgery, right? Wrong. Here at the Center For Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients a unique, non-invasive way to get rid of that extra fat you haven’t otherwise been able to shed with a laser procedure known as Zerona.

What Is Zerona?

Zerona is the first non-invasive fat removal procedure that gives patients real results in fat loss without any adverse side effects including bruising, pain or skin irritation. By using cold laser technology, Zerona can help patients get rid of stubborn fat on the back, abdomen, flanks, legs, chest and hips without any surgery or downtime.

What Is Zerona Like?

Each Zerona session lasts about 40 minutes on average during which we will target both the front and back side of the body to make sure that you lose symmetrically. Even if you are targeting the fat on a specific area, we treat the areas connected to this area for a more blended result.

Does It Work?

First things first, we will not sell you on a treatment unless it gives you results that are worth bragging about— even just a little bit. Not only is Zerona FDA approved, but it gives patients real results — shrinking inches of fat off of their body. Although Zerona doesn’t get rid of loose skin, it can shrink the fat cells in more areas than procedures like liposuction and occasionally, in the right person, jumpstart weight loss.

Liposuction is a great surgical fat reduction procedure, but it is not for everyone. If you are struggling to get rid of stubborn fat without the results desired even after obtaining a reasonable weight, but you don’t want to undergo surgery, then you may want to consider Zerona from the Center For Plastic Surgery.

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