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Yet Another Reason to Love Botox

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Botox treatments have been available for many years now and have helped millions of people turn back the hands of time without having to undergo surgery. Initially, treatment focused on smoothing away frown lines. Over time, we came to realize that a few injections could raise a drooping brow line, erase crow’s feet, and even treat a downturned mouth. With all that we know about Botox Cosmetic, one might think there is nothing left to learn. Apparently there is, and now we have yet another reason to appreciate this cosmetic drug.

Get a Second Boost from Botox

The known mechanism of Botox is that the purified botulinum protein inhibits muscle contractions for 3 to 6 months. According to a recent study, Botox may have a secondary action in the skin. Canadian research has indicated that the drug may also boost elasticity for up to 4 months. Elasticity is the characteristic of the skin that gives it a bit of stretch. Skin with good elasticity is prone to contract from muscle pull rather than pleating. When the skin loses elasticity, it doesn’t bounce back and is more likely to look crepey and lined. In other words, a loss of elasticity contributes to looking older.

To observe the effects of Botox, researchers recorded elasticity measurements in study participants; 43 women who had never had the wrinkle-reducing treatment. Baseline measurements were obtained with a device called a Cutometer. Several times after the participants received Botox, subsequent measurements were taken. At the conclusion of the study, the authors observed elasticity improvement up to 30 percent for up to 4 months following injections.

Does This Matter to You?

Does the way in which Botox works matter, really? It might. You see, elastic skin is less susceptible to new wrinkle formation. This means that a few injections may not only diminish the lines and creases you’ve already developed but that they may also slow the formation of new wrinkles.

The Center for Plastic Surgery offers minimally invasive options that can help you love the way you look. To schedule your Botox treatment in our Highlands, NC office, call (828) 526-3783.

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