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Treating Gynecomastia with Liposuction

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Overdeveloped breast tissue is a problem for many men, yet it’s a problem we still don’t hear enough about. When a man has so much breast tissue that his chest resembles that of a woman, his self-confidence can decline significantly. Recent advances in plastic surgery enable board-certified surgeons to correct this issue, often using a very conservative technique.

The True Cause of Gynecomastia

Male breast tissue has been somewhat of a challenge to the medical community as well as to men themselves. The problem is often mistaken as a weight-related issue. However, there are thousands of men who are at their ideal weight, fit, even, and who still have puffiness or enlargement in the chest. Instances such as these clearly debunk the myth that gynecomastia only affects men who are overweight.

What research has suggested is that, more often than not, the development of excess breast tissue relates to some type of disruption in hormone balance. We see gynecomastia in adolescent males, presumably related to the wild fluctuations in sex hormones occurring at this stage of life. Older men may start to notice increased breast size as aging depletes testosterone availability and naturally encourages estrogen dominance, estrogen being related to breast growth. The cause of gynecomastia may also relate to medication or steroid use and, yes, in some cases, to weight and lifestyle.

What is advantageous about today’s medical science is that we mustn’t determine the exact cause of male breast enlargement in order to treat it. The primary measure during the diagnostic phase of care is to rule out tumors or cancer, two unlikely causes of male breasts.

Sculpting the Chest with Liposuction

Male breast reduction quickly became a popular search term after the development of unique procedural techniques. In our Highlands, NC office, liposuction provides many of our patients the opportunity to once again feel confident about their shape. Liposuction has become so streamlined that a localized area like the breast may be treated without having to undergo general anesthesia. Using a local anesthetic to completely numb breast tissue, it is possible to remove fatty tissue in a manner that creates a more masculine chest contour.

There are several benefits to liposuction for gynecomastia. The most significant may be that the conservative nature of the procedure allows the patient to resume light activity relatively quickly in comparison to weeks of recovery after tissue and glandular excision. Patients agree that their most significant benefit is feeling confident in their body.

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