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Everything You Need to Know About Compression Garments and Its Accessories

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Here at our North Carolina plastic surgery practice, we make it a point to make your recovery period as smooth and safe as much as possible. Although healing from surgery varies from one individual to another, there are certain aids that will prove to be very helpful in your recovery, one of which include compression garments.

Compression Garment Purposes

Compression garments help reduce swelling and bruising on the operated area. Furthermore, it helps avoid blood clot formation and make sure that the body part operated on is “molded” the right way.

Every so often, compressions garments should be worn out for 24 hours during the first week post-surgery. In breast and abdominal surgeries such as a tummy tuck and liposuction, you may be required to wear it a bit longer. Lastly, compression garments also have aesthetic purposes as it could make you appear slimmer.

Compression Garment Accessories Specific to Each Surgery

  • Breast surgeries – compression bras with breathable fabric, seamless, no underwires, soft cups, and with cushioned or padded shoulder straps

  • Arm, abdominal, and leg surgeries –  varying sizes of compression garments may be needed depending on the your body’s gradual reduction in size; garments should be made of breathable fabric, no-show seams, and no hooks for long-term recovery

  • Facelift – facial bands, cushioned hats with wrap-around ties

  • Eyelid Lift –– large-framed eyeglasses with wrap-around protective coverings to shield sutures from sunlight

Quick and Safe Recovery After Your North Carolina Plastic Surgery

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