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How to Make the Most of Your Liposuction

How to Make the Most of Your Liposuction

 Liposuction Highlands & Asheville, NCLiposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for a variety of different reasons. It reduces localized fatty areas and even some less localized fat to smooth and even your contours. It is, in the right hands, quite safe. It is relatively easy on you and has a moderately fast recovery. Although we can perform the surgery to give you the results you desire, there are some things that you can do to make sure you get great results.

Make Sure You’re a Good Candidate for Liposuction

One of the best ways to really get the most out of your liposuction results is to ensure that you are a good candidate to begin with. One common misconception about liposuction is that it’s for people who are obese and have a lot of weight to lose. Although liposuction is considered to be a body contouring procedure, it is only for patients who are close to their ideal body weight but simply have localized areas of fat that spoil an otherwise nice contour, in other words, those who have already tried a combination of diet and exercise but are still unable to get rid of stubborn, excess, localized fat.

Make Sure That You’re Mentally Prepared

One thing to know about any sort of cosmetic procedure is that it can oftentimes be a lot more mental than it is physical. Although we can control the physical aspect of liposuction, it’s up to you to mentally prepare yourself for the surgery and recovery. What results do you want? Can you tolerate the procedure when done under local anesthesia? Are you ready to wear the post- op elastic garment? All of these things will help you head into surgery and recovery feeling like a champ.

Make Sure You Take Recovery Seriously

Yes, you may think that recovery is optional and that you can ignore your doctor’s recommendations, but recovery is definitely mandatory. By taking several days off any vigorous activity to rest and relax, you can help to speed your recovery time and allow your body to heal before you fully get back into your normal routine.

Make Sure You Maintain Good Habits

Getting liposuction doesn’t all of a sudden mean that you have a free pass to eat and drink whatever you want while you sit on the couch and watch TV all day. In fact, one of the things that you have to do after you get liposuction is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan. The leaner you eat and the more you exercise, the better results you will have.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward getting liposuction? Schedule your constellation at our Highlands office today by calling us at (828) 526-3783.

The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners

For decades dieters and diabetics have used artificial sweeteners to reduce sugar intake in an attempt to lose weight or control their diabetes. Multiple studies have shown that this does not work. One study split a number of people with metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) who drank sodas into 3 groups. One stayed on the regular sodas, one switched to diet sodas (with artificial sweetener), and the third switched to Perrier or other drinks without sugar or artificial sweetener. By switching to diet soda, the prediabetes did not change. However, stopping all sodas did markedly reduce the problem.

This and other studies only showed that switching to artificial sweeteners did not change anyone’s diabetes, prediabetes or weight. One study 4 years ago did show that artificial sweeteners have an effect in causing diabetes. Another study a year ago showed that drinks with artificial sweeteners could increase a person’s risk of dementia or stroke. A new studyfrom the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University links artificial sweeteners to obesity and diabetes, claiming sweeteners change how the body processes fat and uses energy.

We at the Center for Plastic Surgery have preached for years that the way to control weight and diabetes is reduction of sugar through dietary management, not substitution for it. All these studies continue to add evidence of the significant harm that artificial sweeteners do and the necessity of proper dietary management rather than substituting something for sugar or fat.

Why Liposuction Remains So Popular

Liposuction Highlands & Asheville, NCIt seems like with most anything there are trends that come and go. However, in the world of plastic surgery, good procedures that work well safely stay for a long time. Liposuction is one of those and has remained a popular procedure amongst patients for decades, and it’s definitely here to stay. So, why has liposuction remained so popular?

It Gives Patients Real Results

With summer just around the corner, if you haven’t already thought about getting your body in the perfect shape for swimsuit season, it’s not too late. If you are overweight, lifestyle and eating habit modification is the first step. (See Dietary Advice.) If, however, you are already at a reasonable weight but just have localized fat, liposuction is the ideal treatment to consider. In fact, liposuction is not a weight loss method. It is for people at a healthy weight but just have some stubborn fat around their neck, abdomen, flanks, thighs, knees or other specific areas that they can’t get to go away.By suctioning the fat from these areas, liposuction gives patients real results.

It Treats Several Parts of the Body

Another great reason why patients love liposuction so much is that it can be used for multiple specific areas. Do you have fat on your back that you want to get rid of? Liposuction can do the trick. Need to get rid of that fat around your abdomen? Liposuction is the thing for you. Liposuction can also help get rid of fat on the buttocks, arms, thighs, neck, love handles, and knees. Of course, if you have fat in more than a few specific areas or more generalized fat, then liposuction is not the answer, weight loss or something like Zerona, a non surgical laser, similar but better than CoolSculpting, is what is needed.

It is Safe and Recovery is Rapid

When done properly by an expert surgeon liposuction has very few risks and recovery to normal activities is only a day or so. The most common problem is slight irregularity, lack of complete elimination of the problem, mild bruising and some prolonged swelling. Except for the bruising, these are rare. The bruising, however, can be covered with camouflage cosmetics. Unfortunately, because the problems are usually minimal and the recovery rapid, many non surgeon and inexperienced physicians have started doing liposuction. This has markedly increased the risks all the way to severe irregularity, burns, skin loss, severe infection and, even, death. Therefore, it is imperative that, if you are considering liposuction, you select a Plastic Surgeon who has been doing the procedure for many years and has a history of excellent results. (Dr. Buchanan has beed performing liposuction since it first came to this hemisphere from Europe and even helped develop many of the safety standards used today by most plastic surgeons.)

If you have wanted to learn more about liposuction, schedule your consultation at the Center For Plastic Surgery in Highland’s by calling: (828) 526-3783.

How a Few Diet and Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Maintain Your Body Sculpting Results

Body Contouring & Liposuction Highlands, NCLiposuction and Zerona are two of the body sculpting procedures that we offer our patients here at Center For Plastic Surgery. Although these procedures vary in how they are done, there is one main thing they have in common: helping patients to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. If you just underwent one of these body sculpting procedures from our office, you are faced with a dilemma in the eyes of the holidays: to treat yourself or not to treat yourself. Because the holidays are notorious for making people pack on a pound or two more than what they started with, it can be hard to know when to say no and when to indulge. Luckily, we have created a list of a few ways that you can prevent gaining back any weight after your procedure.

Eat Small Portions

You’ve heard the saying, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” One of the mistakes that people make during the holidays is filling their plates up with a bunch of food. Not only does this lead to food waste in some instances but more often than not, it leads to people overstuffing themselves with food that they would have been fine consuming only half of. As a suggestion, try filling up your plate with smaller portions— this will make you feel fuller and will prevent you from indulging in too many extra calories.

Hit Up a 5K

Nothing is better than getting up dressed up as Santa or one of his reindeer and running in a race with your closest family members and friends. Plus, the added exercise will ensure that you don’t gain any additional weight this season. Look for local races that are fun for everyone of all ages— that way everyone can enjoy the fun.

Find Healthy Snacks

Even though chips, cookies, and other sweet treats may be gracing just about every holiday table, that doesn’t mean you have to eat them. Try bringing your own healthy alternatives with you before you go to a party. For instance, pack some raw almonds or carrot sticks.

Want to learn more about one of our weight loss procedures? Contact our office today and schedule a consultation!

Lose Fat Without the Knife

ZERONA™ Non-invasive Body Slimming Highlands, NCWhen it comes to losing excess, stubborn body fat, you only have one option: invasive surgery, right? Wrong. Here at the Center For Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients a unique, non-invasive way to get rid of that extra fat you haven’t otherwise been able to shed with a laser procedure known as Zerona.

What Is Zerona?

Zerona is the first non-invasive fat removal procedure that gives patients real results in fat loss without any adverse side effects including bruising, pain or skin irritation. By using cold laser technology, Zerona can help patients get rid of stubborn fat on the back, abdomen, flanks, legs, chest and hips without any surgery or downtime.

What Is Zerona Like?

Each Zerona session lasts about 40 minutes on average during which we will target both the front and back side of the body to make sure that you lose symmetrically. Even if you are targeting the fat on a specific area, we treat the areas connected to this area for a more blended result.

Does It Work?

First things first, we will not sell you on a treatment unless it gives you results that are worth bragging about— even just a little bit. Not only is Zerona FDA approved, but it gives patients real results — shrinking inches of fat off of their body. Although Zerona doesn’t get rid of loose skin, it can shrink the fat cells in more areas than procedures like liposuction and occasionally, in the right person, jumpstart weight loss.

Liposuction is a great surgical fat reduction procedure, but it is not for everyone. If you are struggling to get rid of stubborn fat without the results desired even after obtaining a reasonable weight, but you don’t want to undergo surgery, then you may want to consider Zerona from the Center For Plastic Surgery.

Schedule your Zerona consultation with our Highlands office today!

Embrace Your Body: 3 Swimsuit Trends to Enhance Your Figure

 Body Contouring Highlands, NCOne of the scariest things that most women dread this time of year is to appear in public in a swimsuit. Even if you have been working out or recently body enhancement, you still may feel self-conscious in a swimsuit. To help you feel more confident this summer, we have created a list of three swimsuit trends for every body type. Read on to learn more.

For the Curvy Girl

If you are particularly curvaceous, you may want to embrace the high-waisted bikini trend. By covering up the majority of your stomach, while breaking up your body, high-waisted bikinis are flattering on women of all shapes and sizes— especially those with a few more curves. And if you have just gotten your breasts done, you can get a bikini top that accentuates and shows off your cleavage.

For the Apple Body

There are a few different body types that the average woman has. If you carry more of your weight around your midsection but have relatively skinny legs, then you have what is called “an apple body.” To help accentuate your long legs, consider jumping into this summer’s biggest swimsuit trend: a high-thigh one-piece. By covering your midsection and embracing your long stems, a high-thigh one-piece is sure to make you look and feel more sexy.

For the Skinny Girl

People assume that if you are skinny, you don’t have a problem in the world. However, just like anyone, thin women need to find clothing and swimsuits that are flattering on them. If you fit this body type, consider wearing a traditional bikini this summer. By showing off your slender physique in all the right places, a bikini is sure to make you stand a little taller.

Heading to the pool can feel like a nightmare if you don’t have a flattering swimsuit to wear. By using the guide above, you can find a suit that hugs you in all the right places. To learn more about how you can feel more confident in your body, contact Center For Plastic Surgery today!

Why Choose Zerona Over Liposuction

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try it can seem impossible to get rid of stubborn fat on some larger areas of your body such as your abdomen, upper thighs, flanks and buttocks. If you are dreading summer because you aren’t quite ready to hop into a swimming suit or other revealing clothing, then you may want to consider a body slimming procedure like Zerona. As a fast, and non-invasive way to get rid of fat, read on to learn more about why Zerona can be a better choice than liposuction.

It’s Surgery Free

If there’s one thing for which liposuction can be praised it’s that it gives great results, but the biggest downfall is that it’s invasive. Luckily, with Zerona patients won’t have to worry about any recovery at all. By using laser technology, each session only lasts about 20 minutes which means that you can easily come into The Center For Plastic Surgery for a treatment.

It Targets More Areas

Unlike liposuction that only targets specific areas of the body, Zerona covers a wider variety of areas across the body. For instance, if you are suffering from back fat or love handles that you just can’t get rid of with exercise and diet alone, then Zerona can target those areas.

Jump Starts Weight Loss

If you are overweight and are wanting to slim down, then Zerona can be used to jumpstart your weight loss. Unlike liposuction that’s only used to get rid of stubborn areas of fat on individuals who are otherwise at an optimal weight, Zerona can be used for people in all weight classes. By zapping fat right away, you can get the extra motivation needed to work on the rest of the fat on your body with a strict diet followed by an exercise plan.

If you would like to learn more about how Zerona can help you lose unwanted fat, contact The Center For Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Buchanan.



Just The Facts About Cellulite

Cellulite…if you have it, you are definitely not alone. It appears as “orange-peel” dimples on your thighs, belly, buttocks and hips and although it’s name sounds like a serious medical condition, it’s not. It’s merely cosmetic and is not physically harmful. Cellulite affects approximately 85% of women at some point during their lives. And the interesting thing is, it can affect women who are otherwise slender and fit.

Body ContouringWhat is cellulite? Here are a few facts:

  • Having cellulite doesn’t mean you are overweight. However, if you are overweight, losing excess weight may reduce cellulite.
  • Cellulite is not caused by toxins in your body. It is nothing more than normal fat beneath your skin. The fat looks lumpy and bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker.
  • It’s true that cellulite runs in families. If your mother and grandmother had cellulite, you have a better chance of developing it.
  • Cellulite gets worse with age; hormones seem to play a role in its appearance. As you age, your body produces less estrogen which can mean poorer circulation, a decrease in new collagen production and the breakdown of older connective tissue.
  • Regular exercise, both aerobic and strength training, cannot cure cellulite but in many cases exercise can help prevent or reduce its appearance.
  • Cellulite tends to be less noticeable on darker skin.
  • Factors that influence how much cellulite you have and how visible it is include: Poor diet, total body fat, lack of physical activity, slow metabolism, yo-yo dieting and dehydration.

Want to know more? If you have concerns about cellulite, call us to book a consultation appointment, today at (828) 526-3783. We look forward to meeting you and discussing any questions you may have.

Deciding Between a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction for a Flatter Midsection

A flatter, firmer, and well-toned midsection is of the most common cosmetic goals of men and women who visit us here at our Highlands plastic surgery clinic. Majority of these patients have done their homework and have looked for information online regarding procedures that can possibly help them achieve such goals. During the initial consultation, these patients would often ask about which body-contouring procedures are ideal for them — should they go for liposuction or decide on a tummy tuck instead?

Although both procedures have the same end goal, they actually target a different set of cosmetic concerns. If you find yourself in the same boat as the aforementioned patients, read on below!

When to Decide on Liposuction

By and large, liposuction is ideal for concerns that has to do with localized pockets of excess fat such as the dreaded love handles and spare tires. The procedure can be done not only in the abdominal area but also in other areas of the body such as the neck, hips, upper arms, buttocks, and thighs.

The procedure is ideal for men and women who want to improve the appearance of their abdominal areas and have done both diet and exercise to get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat. In addition, liposuction works best if the patient is within their ideal body weight and have good skin turgor (the ability of the skin to change its shape and return to normal).

It should be noted, however, that liposuction doesn’t eliminate loose, sagging skin and doesn’t strengthen weakened abdominal muscles which often occurs following pregnancy and childbirth.

When to Decide on a Tummy Tuck

As mentioned earlier, liposuction won’t help you deal with sagging skin and weakened abdominal muscles. This is where a tummy tuck can prove to be beneficial.

Although there may be a variation in the surgical techniques used in a tummy tuck, the procedure is usually performed with a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen just above the pubic area. This makes it easier to be camouflaged when wearing bikinis and low-rise jeans. The excess skin is trimmed away and the abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired.

Combining a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

If your cosmetic concerns has to do with excess fat, sagging skin, and weakened abdominal muscles, combining both a tummy tuck and liposuction can possibly be your best course of treatment.

Ultimately, it should be noted that both liposuction and a tummy tuck are not weight loss tools but rather body-contouring procedures that will help reshape a certain part of your body in proportion to other parts.

Do you want to learn more about body contouring procedures here at our practice? We are located at 209 Hospital Drive, Suite 202, Highlands, NC. Call us at 828-526-3783 or fill out this contact form today to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to your visit!