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Is A Brow Lift In Your Future?

Is A Brow Lift In Your Future?

In a culture that celebrates youth, men and women alike are turning to cosmetic procedures to help them maintain a youthful, fresh appearance for as long as possible.

Ideally, your appearance should reflect the way you really feel inside. But as you age, exposure to the sun, loss of skin elasticity and repeated muscle contractions over time combine to drop your brow.

browlift surgeryA furrowed, drooping brow can make you look older, more stressed and habitually tired.

One popular surgical procedure is a BROW LIFT…which is designed to revitalize a sagging, drooping or lined forehead and refresh the area between the brows and the upper eyelids for a less tired, sad, angry look.

If you’ve heard of this procedure and want to know more, read on.

A brow lift can elevate your brows and return them to a more youthful position, taking years off of your appearance.

A brow lift can smooth the horizontal lines on your forehead, making you look less stressed.

A brow lift can erase the vertical creases between your brows. These are the creases that can make you look tired, angry, stressed and worried.

A brow lift can improve the appearance of sagging folds above your eyelids.

A brow lift can reduce the lateral “crow’s feet” beside the eyes.

For some patients, improving the appearance and position of the brows and removing sagging skin above the eyes makes it easier for them to see.

Dr. Buchanan performs this procedure in a minimally invasive manner, using incisions hidden in the hair, in the upper eyelid or just above the brow. The technique depends on your anatomy and generally provides you excellent improvement and fast recovery while maintaining a natural appearance. You should be able to return to your daily activities in a few days with minimal, or easily concealed bruising.

If you’d like to learn more about  brow lifts at the Center for Plastic Surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Buchanan, today at 828-526-3783.

Lift Your Lids – The 411 On Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)As you age, “droopy” anything is not good. Droopy eyelids, especially, can make you look older, and even more importantly, can impair your vision. Eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures at the Center for Plastic Surgery. It can correct eyelid droopiness and the puffiness under your eyes that can make you look habitually tired. A blepharoplasty does not remove fine lines, wrinkles or dark circles, however, and it doesn’t change sagging brows (a brow lift would be recommended for that).

Upper or lower?

  • Upper eyelid surgery: The surgeon marks the natural folds, lines and creases of your lids; this keeps the scars as invisible as possible. The incision is made and any loose muscle and skin are removed. Tiny stitches are used to minimize the visibility of any scarring.
  • Lower eyelid surgery: The surgeon makes the incision along your lower lash line and smile creases of your lower lid. Excess fat and skin are removed and the incision is closed with tiny stitches. The sutures (stitches) are usually self-dissolving and leave no visible scar. Under normal conditions, blepharoplasty takes from one to two hours.

What happens next?

  • Immediately following surgery, tiny sterile bandages are applied. It is not crucial that your eyes be completely covered, but an ointment to prevent dryness may be used. A bit of bruising and swelling is normal. Cold compresses, as well as keeping your head elevated, will promote healing, and relieve any
  • For about ten days following your surgery, your eyes may feel dry, itchy and sticky. Eyedrops may be recommended and your surgeon will give you a list of activities and environments to avoid for a few weeks. Any permanent stitches will be removed three to five days after surgery; self-absorbing stitches will dissolve on their own. Your eyelids will heal remarkably quickly and scars are usually inconspicuous.

Is it risky?

The risks are minimal but may include poor healing, persistent fat or loose skin and muscle, dry eyes, and very rarely, visual changes or loss.

If you would like to learn more about an eyelid lift, give us a call. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this popular, age-defying cosmetic procedure: (828) 526-3783.

Are You Considering Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid Surgery Your eyes. They may or may not be the windows to your soul, but they are one of the first things people notice about you. Aging is inevitable and that, coupled with exposure to the sun and genetics, combine to cause the lids of your eyes to sag and droop…one of the major reasons to consider blepharoplasty, also known as “eyelid surgery” or “eye lift.”

A blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which tightens and removes excess upper eyelid skin, muscle and sometimes fat for a more youthful, alert appearance. As a side benefit, blepharoplasty may also improve your vision by providing a less obstructed field of vision once the drooping eyelids are improved.

You would be a good candidate for eyelid surgery if:

  • You have loose skin which hangs down from your eyelids and covers your lashes
  • You have excess skin which covers the natural fold of your eyelids
  • Your lids appear puffy, making you look tired

Your eyelid surgery will be done by Dr. Buchanan usually as an outpatient procedure either in our office or a hospital, depending on your unique needs.

Eyelid surgery can be combined with other procedures, such as a facelift or forehead lift, followed by Botox cosmetic treatments…to achieve the most desirable results.

During the procedure, small incisions are made in the natural crease of the upper eyelid.
Excess skin and fat are removed and the incision is closed.
You should be able to return to your normal schedule in about five days.
Following your surgery, expect your eyes to be swollen and bruised.
It is important to keep your head upright.
Applying ice packs to your face can soothe any pain and control inflammation.
You will be given pain medications and antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
Heavy exercise is not recommended for several weeks after surgery.
Easy walking is recommended in the early phase of your recovery.
Avoid exercises that require you to bend over, such as yoga, and avoid lifting heavy weights for up to three weeks.

Eyelid surgery is a life-changing procedure! Now is the perfect time to call Dr. Buchanan to book a consultation appointment: (828) 526-3783.

Highlands, NC Eyelid Surgery – Is It Right for Me?

As you age, no matter how hard your work to stay in shape and eat right, your eyelids may not cooperate. If they have started to droop, there isn’t an exercise out there to bring them back to their younger form.

It may be time to consider eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery can help with a number of different imperfections surrounding the eyes such as:

  • Smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Removing unsightly bags under the eyes.
  • Lifting and tightening sagging skin.
  • Tightening the eyelid for a more lifted appearance.

Is it right for you?

If your skin is in good general health and you would like to fix any of the above problems, eyelid surgery can help you look younger and healthier, whatever your age.

An initial consultation with a doctor will detail how the surgery will proceed and whether you’re a good candidate. Here is what makes a good candidate:

  • Is in good general health
  • Has realistic expectations of what the surgery will do
  • Is a non-smoker
  • Can take time off for recovery

The eyelid lift can also be performed along with other surgeries or procedures like Botox, facelifts, or forehead lifts to have everything done in a single session. Newer methods available in these surgeries allow for easier recovery and better results. Recovery time needed varies from person to person, but is typically 4-6 days long.