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What Surgeries Can Help Make Your Face Look Better?

What Surgeries Can Help Make Your Face Look Better?

charming mature asian lady looking at camera and smilesYou might be looking for ways to make your face look younger and vibrant. Luckily, tons of plastic surgery procedures can ensure you achieve your goals. When you choose the right professionals for the job, you can enhance your facial appearance and benefit from long-lasting to permanent results.

Dr. Robert T. Buchanan and his experienced Center For Plastic Surgery team can provide personalized services tailored to your aesthetic goals. To ensure you get high-quality services, Dr. Buchanan and his team often strive to offer advanced minimally and non-minimally invasive surgeries that help to make your face look better. They don’t just work to help you achieve what’s “trendy” or “hot,” but they aim to provide facial rejuvenation plastic surgeries that work and have been proven to deliver the ideal results you desire.

The procedures offered at the Center for Plastic Surgery include:

Injectable Facial Rejuvenation

Worried about the aging lines on your face? These aging symptoms can be treated with the FDA-approved injectable products that Dr. Buchanan and his team use. Products like Botox are used here for the best results.

Today’s Liquid Lift

Dr. Buchanan also offers Today’s Liquid Lift, a non-surgical face rejuvenation procedure. This technique can help you look years younger.

Skin Care

Skin Care services are also offered at the Center For Plastic Surgery. How you take care of your skin can slow down the symptoms of aging, including wrinkles and pigmented spots.

Laser and Light Treatments

Issues like skin’s loss of elasticity, rough texture, and sun damage can be treated using laser and light treatments.

Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Buchanan offers blepharoplasty as one of the facial rejuvenation procedures that can help correct aging issues around the eye area. Techniques used here guarantee faster recovery.

Forehead Lift

Aging can make your eyebrows fall, and the upper face can appear heavy. Forehead lift plastic surgery can fix this. The procedure repositions your brows and reduced wrinkles on your face, giving you a younger look.

For personalized care, book an appointment with Dr. Buchanan by calling 828-526-3783 or visiting You can also visit us in Highlands, NC, for a physical examination to determine which facial rejuvenation procedure is best for you.

When to Consider a Liquid Facelift

It used to be that there was only one way to reduce the appearance of facial aging and that was with a surgical procedure such as a facelifting/or blepharoplasty or brow lift. Although traditional surgical procedures are still the best and most permanent ways to make you look and feel drastically younger, you now have other options. If you are looking for a less invasive way to reduce the signs of aging, it’s time to consider a liquid facelift. By using a combination of fillers and Botox, a Today’s Liquid Facelift is designed to temporarily lift and fill your skin— making you look years younger. When it comes to getting any procedure— no matter how non-invasive it is— it can be difficult to pull the trigger. This article will discuss how to know when you should consider a liquid facelift. Read on to learn more.

You Still Have Some Elasticity

If you are in your 40’s or even 50’s, you still have some elasticity and collagen in your skin— even though it might not be as much as you hope. If you have wanted a facelift but still have relatively good skin, then you may want to just get a liquid facelift. By softening your fine lines and wrinkles, a liquid facelift will help you accentuate your true beauty.

You Have Already Had a Facelift but Have Aged Again

It used to be that all you could do would be another facelift. Now, particularly if your neck is still doing well, Today’s Liquid Lift is frequently all you need as the majority of the problem is simply deflation after the previous procedure. Five to ten years ago over 60% of facelifts done at The Center for Plastic Surgery were reds. Now, well over 60% of those are done with injectables.

You’re Scared of Surgery

Big surgical cosmetic procedures like facelifts and even blepharoplasties, eye lifts, can be scary for a variety of people. If you are nervous about having to undergo surgery and deal with the recovery process, then you may want to consider Today’s Liquid Lift. Because the entire procedure can be done in our office in under an hour in most instances, you won’t have to worry about any surgery or recovery time— meaning you can go back to your normal activities immediately afterward. Even if we cannot achieve the same result of a full surgical procedure, we can quite frequently achieve a remarkable improvement.

If you have started to feel self-conscious about your aging face or eyes, but you just aren’t ready for a surgical procedure, you may want to consider getting a liquid one. To learn more about this non-invasive yet effective treatment, contact The Center For Plastic Surgery today!




Thinking About A Facelift?

faceliftGrowing older can definitely show on your face…and that’s definitely a concern if you are intent on looking as good as you feel. You may be concerned that you look older, but what you may be noticing are some of the following changes to your face:

  • Tired appearance
  • Deep wrinkles of the neck and face
  • Less defined chin and sagging neck
  • Jowls and deep creases around the nose and mouth
  • Loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity in the face and neck

Each of these characteristics can be treated with a facelift, which tightens the skin of the face from the eyes down to the neck, lifting it into a younger-looking position. Everyone is unique. So, depending on your face and the areas needing improvement, Dr. Buchanan can suggest a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

  • At the Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Buchanan offers Today’s Facelift™, a natural alternative to a traditional facelift. This procedure elevates the fat and underlying support structures to their original positions and, at the same time, preserves the fat, to provide facial fullness. This results in a rested, natural, youthful look.
  • Today’s Facelift also redefines your jawline, firms and tightens your neck and permanently re-suspends your tissues for a long-lasting result.
  • Today’s Facelift is tailored to each patient by modifying the technique slightly. It corrects minimal aging with a minimal incision and can also correct severe aging of the cheek and neck.
  • Today’s Facelift is safe and offers amazing results. You can expect to return to your normal activities, including work or social engagements, in one to two weeks.

Dr. Buchanan is your facelift specialist in Highlands. Call to schedule a consultation appointment, today, and get your summer off to a fresher, younger start. We look forward to meeting with you and providing you the absolute best in cosmetic surgical care: (828) 526-3784 or toll-free (877) 526-3784.

Are You Contemplating Facial Cosmetic Surgery? Read On To Learn About What Is Trending In Anesthesia

face proceduresFacial aesthetic surgeries such as face lifts, neck lifts, eyelid lifts and rhinoplasties (“nose Jobs”) are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures world-wide and also among the most requested procedures at the Center For Plastic Surgery. Men and women of all ages, but especially those “of a certain age,” want their faces to reflect their healthy life-style choices and their zest for living. In short, it’s becoming increasingly desirable to look the way you feel.

Dr. Buchanan is dedicated to patient satisfaction and is nationally recognized as an educator and leader in plastic surgery. He is board-certified and strives to provide his patients with the latest in techniques and care. To that end, a recent article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, presented the results of a six-year study (2008-2014) of patients who were administered oral sedation combined with local anesthetics when undergoing facial aesthetic surgical procedures. The oral sedation dosages were minimal and included a combination of diazepam, hydrocodone, acetaminophen or simply acetaminophen alone. Thirty minutes following the oral sedation, local anesthesia at the surgical site was administered.

According to study results, the facial aesthetic procedures performed under the combination of these sedations were well and safely tolerated by the 199 men and women in the study. Of course, many variables were considered, including age, gender, past medical history, social history and allergies. The type of procedure and the specific medications administered, along with any major complications were also measured.

In any surgical procedure, the patient’s general heath is an important consideration and pre-surgical selection and counseling are critical in ensuring a satisfactory and safe experience. But the important take-away here is: The study found that in healthy patients, office-based facial plastic surgery procedures can be safely performed under a combination of oral and local anesthetics.

Dr. Buchanan is eager to address your questions and concerns regarding the various facial plastic surgery options he offers. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about this trend in patient safety and comfort: (828) 526-3783.


Facelift vs. Today’s Liquid Facelift

As we age our skin gradually succumbs to the effects of gravity and we are soon, unexpectedly faced with wrinkling skin. Although we all know that aging happens, it’s never a pleasant surprise and something we want to happen slowly and gracefully. But even the most distraught of us with wrinkles will most of the time not consider a full facelift. Recovery time, cost and the permanence of a facelift can make the procedure seem very daunting. But there is a new procedure in town that is getting great results, just as a facelift would – but without the surgery!

Liquid facelifts are becoming increasingly popular because women are getting a ‘30 minute facelift’ done in their doctor’s office, without incisions or recovery time. You simply walk in, have the procedure done, and continue on with your day!

So what is exactly ‘Today’s Liquid Facelift? Many doctors will use injectable fillers such as Juvederm to smooth out lines and wrinkles, lift the lift and give the skin a younger look. We at the Center for Plastic Surgery however, believe in obtaining natural, healthy-looking results. So we use injections of fat and Botox to achieve the organic’ look that our patients love.

We also take our liquid facelifts another step further by concentrating on giving you the best treatment at the least expense – you don’t need to be treated where there are no problems! Then we can also focus on the underlying cause of the wrinkles, and identify whether there is anything else to do to slow down wrinkling in your skin.

Facelifts definitely have their benefit and place as a surgery – particularly for those who have excess sagging skin or for those who are further along in the aging process. Liquid facelifts cannot get rid of excess skin that may occur during weight loss or aging, and cannot always give you the full results that a surgical facelift can.

However, if you are looking to improve your appearance and get rid of early signs of aging, then Today’s Liquid Facelift can help you achieve a beautiful, glowing complexion that will suit you [perfectly and naturally!

Thank you for your business over the years! Dr. Buchanan is closing his practice and the Center For Plastic Surgery's last day open will be January 31, 2023.