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How Fat can Rejuvenate Your Face

How Fat can Rejuvenate Your Face

 Fat Injection Highlands, NCHistorically, facial rejuvenation has required surgical lifting techniques. While procedures such as blepharoplasty eyelid rejuvenation continue to be popular, fewer people are undergoing full facelift procedures these days. Instead, they are choosing minimally invasive procedures that achieve subtle but beautiful results. Fat grafting is a prime example. We are pleased to offer this service in our Highlands office to help our patients feel better about their appearance as they age. Here, we discuss the various ways in which fat can be used to refresh the face.

What is Fat Grafting?

To understand how fat grafting can benefit your appearance, it helps to know the details of this process. It is the most natural and long lasting way to restore the fat that is lost over time and is responsible for much of the signs of aging. This cosmetic procedure may be performed in the office using local anesthesia to numb the area of the body from which fat will be harvested and the area where it will be injected. Depending on the amount of fat we need and the amount of body fat present, we may select the neck, abdomen, or thighs as a donor site. After the area has been numbed, a minor liposuction procedure is performed to obtain the necessary amount needed for injection. The tissue that is aspirated is processed to separate out the fat and stem cells from other tissue and blood. The prepared cells are then placed in a syringe and meticulously injected into the face to achieve the desired amount of contouring or wrinkle reduction.

Fat can rejuvenate the face by enhancing the following areas:


Rounded cheeks with higher cheekbones are an indicator of youthful beauty. With age, the bony structure may degrade. This exacerbates the natural loss of fat resulting flattening of the contours of the mid-face. The insertion of living fat cells across the mid-face restores height, projection, and triangularity to make the mid-face appear younger.

Forehead and Temples

Men and women over the age of 40 may struggle to pinpoint where their cosmetic frustration originates. This can be particularly relevant to the upper face, where the temples can hollow over time and the brow may drop below the bony ridge orbital rim ridge on which it once sat. Fat cells can be injected directly at the temple area to restore fullness to the outer area of the eyes. Injections can also be administered across the brow line to lift the brow without surgery.

Under Eyes

Non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation removing the hollows under the eyes has become one of the most common areas treated with a filler and can achieve outstanding results. Fat injections can achieve the same results but they last longer. Typically, fat is introduced to the area below the eye, not into the eyelid itself, unless absolutely necessary. When inserted into the tear trough it decreases the appearance of under-eye puffiness, and when into hollows it decreases dark circles.

Are You a Candidate?

Most healthy adults who do not have severe gravitational problems are good candidates for facial rejuvenation with fat injections. To learn more about this simple, in office procedure, schedule a consultation at our Highlands office by calling (828) 526-3783.

Eliminating Lip Wrinkles

Wrinkles around the lips are caused by multiple factors. The first is thinning of the skin and loss of its elasticity. This happens partially with age as the body stops making collagen and elastic tissue continuously at about 30 years of age, and partially from sun exposure. Secondly, the underlying muscle acts to accordion the skin because of the loss of elasticity and the ability to contract without wrinkling. The more you like to talk or use the mouth expressively the more wrinkling you tend to create. Thirdly, the lip loses its subcutaneous support that separates the skin from the muscle. This also increases the wrinkling. Once formed, there are a number of things that can be done to eliminate the wrinkles, depending on their severity. 

Skin Care

Occasionally, if the wrinkles are just beginning, all that is needed is what we call Basic Skin Care Plus. This is a good cleanser, an alpha-hydroxyl to remove the dead cells, a pH balancer and a good zinc oxide sunblock Plus an effective retinol to add collagen and Obagi®’s ELASTIderm® to add elastic tissue. 

Lip Injection

The normal upper lip has a noticeable pout at the vermillion and defined philtral columns (the vertical lines on either side of the midline). As we age, both are lost and the lip becomes straight rather than concave. Occasionally, significant lines also appear. If this is the case, plumping the lip just back to normal can eliminate the lines and return the lips to a more normal appearance.  

Laser Resurfacing

If the lines are resistant to injection and other treatments or you wish for fast results, the final option is to flatten the lines using a laser. This essentially removes the top layer of the skin, bringing the elevated skin down to the level of the bottom of the wrinkles. In and of itself, this evens the surface of the skin. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production and tightening to further smooth the lip. 

If you have lip wrinkles that you would like gone, call our office in Highlands for an appointment to see what is right for you. Call us at 828-526-3783.

Thinking About Lip Enhancement? We Offer A Variety Of Procedures

As you age, the definition and fullness of your lips diminish and fine lines appear. Smoking can increase the appearance of these changes by 15-20 years, If you think fuller, more well defined, smoother, youthful lips could improve your appearance and self-confidence, you may wish to consider lip enhancement.

At the Center For Plastic Surgery, Dr. Buchanan offers a variety of techniques from which to choose – all of which are performed in our surgical suite:
• Injectable Fillers such as Juvederm Ultra and Volbella offer immediate results. They can refill the areas of lost fat and fill lines. results lasts about ten to twelve months or longer but subsequent treatments are usually necessary because your body will absorb most of the filler material.
• Fat injections are another filler alternative – as the loss of fat near your lips is one of the main causes of thinning lips. This is a relatively permanent solution, but may take two sessions to achieve optimum correction, and, with time, the body may also absorb some of this fat also.
• A more permanent solution is a solid, silicone implant or surgical remodeling of the lips. Both have fallen out of favor because of the increased problems and the superb results from the injectables or fat
• At your consultation appointment, Dr. Buchanan will discuss your options and determine which procedure is right for you – based upon your problem and the results you desire.

Here are some things to consider as you decide on your lip enhancement procedure:

lip enhancement• Do you want temporary or permanent results? If you’re certain you want permanent lip enhancement, implants or fat may be a good choice, since other injectable fillers require repeated injections. If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent look, fillers are a great way to enjoy fuller lips and explore the results you’re happiest with.
• Are you willing to undergo surgery or would you prefer a minimally invasive procedure? Injectable procedures are much less involved than implant or remodeling surgery. Remember that no cosmetic or surgical procedure is entirely without risk, but the risks are smaller with filler procedures than with surgery. Although they are not a major procedure, implants are more invasive than fillers and may involve more recovery time.
• How much do you want to spend? Be sure to discuss your price range with Dr. Buchanan and learn what procedures are available within your budget.
• Could you be allergic to any of the injected materials? None of the present fillers or implants have any risk of allergic reaction.

If you would like to learn more, call for a consultation appointment, today: (828) 526-3783.

Ways to Take Care of Your Newly Improved Lips

Lip injections care Highlands, NCGetting lip injections from The Center For Plastic Surgery can make you look and feel sexier than ever before. By using a fillers like Juvederm Ultra and Volbella, Dr. Buchanan can add volume, shape, and texture to your lips or restore them to a normal youthful appearance in virtually no time at all. To take your results one step further, however, it’s important that you are taking proper care of your newly improved lips. From keeping them moisturized to using a lip scrub, this article will discuss three ways that you can make sure your new lips stay in the best shape possible. Read on to learn more.

  1. Moisturize and Protect

Nothing is quite as unappealing to your significant other than leaning in for a kiss with lips that are dry, chapped, and peeling. And although warmer weather is right around the corner, it’s still cold outside which means that your lips are more prone to getting dry. Make sure that you are keeping your lips moisturized and protected with a protectant like Jane Iredale Lip Drink that uses a moisturizer and sunblock that protects from UVA. Though most moisturizers claim to have an SPF, this number indicates only protection from sunburn from UVB not whether it protects from the aging effects of UVA.

  1. 2. Drink Water

This step may sound surprising, but did you know that the more hydrated you are, the less likely you are going to have chapped lips? If you grab for a cup of coffee the first thing in the morning, consider grabbing for a glass of water instead. Although caffeine is delicious and helps keep you awake, it can also dehydrate you and your lips.

There isn’t a lot of upkeep when it comes to taking care of your newly improved lips. However, by moisturizing and protecting them and hydrating, you can keep your full lips in the smoothest shape possible. To learn more about lip injections or to schedule an appointment, contact The Center For Plastic Surgery today!



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