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Your Plastic Surgery “Caretaker”

Your Plastic Surgery “Caretaker”

breast reconstructionThe decision to undergo a plastic or cosmetic surgical procedure is a big one that you likely made with the help and support of a loved one. So, as you ready yourself for surgery, here are a few things to pass along to your point-person and caretaker, the one who will be helping you along this life-changing journey.

The First Night – Your surgical staff will ask you if there is someone at home to stay with you, especially your first night home. If you don’t have a live-in partner, it is essential that you arrange for someone to stay with you. Getting up in the night, feeling dizzy or ill can be especially frightening if you are alone.

The Care and Feeding of You – You may be given restrictions on what you can and cannot eat, depending on your surgical procedure. Staying hydrated and eating healthy will go a long way towards your recovery. You may want to prepare meals in advance and shop for the foods you like, but better yet, let your caretaker prepare your meals. Don’t forget to take inventory of your medications and read the advisory language on the labels. This is important and should be followed, as an upset stomach, unnecessary nausea or vomiting may result from taking your meds on an empty stomach.

  • The Kids – If you have small children, arrange for help with child care – whether that is your primary caretaker or a friend. And remember, no heavy lifting!
  • Housekeeping 101 – Let your caretaker vacuum. And do the dishes and laundry. Just for a short time while you get back to your old and “new” self!

Call us, today, to learn more about the plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures we offer, and let Dr. Buchanan help you be your best self, every day: (828) 526-3783.

It’s The Perfect Time to Consider Looking Your Best

tummy-tuckTime flies. Popular maxims such as living your best life and seizing the day ring oh so true.

No matter the time of your life, this may be the perfect time to refresh your image, regardless of your age or gender.

There are many plastic surgery options available today and choosing from them can be confusing at best. You know best what areas of your body and face need improving…and choosing the correct procedure often depends on your age. Dr. Buchanan can help you decide and focus on the goals you have for your surgery.

The Roaring 20’s – Just out of your teens and finally acne-free, you may want to improve the appearance of your skin using minimally invasive procedures and topical treatments. Breast augmentations, liposuction and rhinoplasty (“nose jobs”) are common procedures for young adults.

The Thriving 30’s – You may begin to see your first fine lines and wrinkles. Minimize their appearance with a facial, a chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing or facial fillers. This is also the decade of child-bearing and your body may not be responding to diet and exercise. Consider body contouring options such as liposuction, breast lifts, tummy tucks and “Mommy Makeovers.”

The Fabulous 40’s – You just keep getting better! You may want to consider injectables, brow and eyelid lifts, neck or face lifts. All are excellent compliments to your youthful, active life style. Breast implants and lifts, tummy tucks and liposuction are popular procedures of the “fabulous forty” crowd.

The Fun 50’s – “Fifty is the new forty” and this is your decade. Brow, face, neck and eyelid lifts, laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels are popular procedures for those in this adventurous time of life.

The Savy 60’s – Men and women “of a certain age” are increasingly more likely to have facial plastic surgery procedures during this decade and beyond. If you are in good health, you can still consider a tummy tuck, liposuction and other lift procedures.

Let Dr. Buchanan work his magic – regardless of your age. Call for a consultation, today!

Give Yourself a “Hand”

plastic surgeryConsider your hands. Think of all the things they have accomplished over the course of your life: The meals prepared, the love given, the dishes washed, the diapers changed, the letters written and the flowers planted. Your hands have worked hard and are one of the first places to show the visible signs of aging. With time, you may begin to see darkened “age spots” or a loss of fatty tissue which makes your hands look bony and perhaps older than your age.

Hand rejuvenation treatments can reverse the visible signs of aging, the effects of sun damage and can help restore your hands to a more youthful appearance – one that matches your youthful, active lifestyle. Various treatments are available and treatment options may be combined to help you achieve the look you desire.

Here are four ways Dr. Buchanan can treat your aging hands at The Center For Plastic Surgery:

Laser Skin Resurfacing – The Ellipse IPL® offers the advantages of intense pulsed light therapy, a proven technology that treats the red and brown areas of sun damage using short bursts of laser light which penetrate and gently remove “age spots.”

Chemical Peel – The Obagi® RADIANCE Blue Peel is a salicylic acid peel that can improve the look, texture and feel of your hands in minutes with no down time. Glycolic fruit acid peels remove the dry, top layer of the skin to reveal healthier, moist skin underneath.

Microdermabrasion – This is a superficial skin polishing that “sands” off the first layer of the skin with tiny crystals. The procedure is non-surgical, non-invasive, fast and easy.

Injectable Fillers – When injected, fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm injectable gels plump the skin on your hands to give them a more youthful appearance.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations and keep in mind that these procedures are designed for improvement, not perfection.

If you would like to know more, call for a consultation with Dr. Buchanan, today, and enjoy younger looking hands – just in time for the Holidays!

Face Your Future With A Facelift!

Eyelid SurgeryWhat does your future look like to you…how do you see yourself as you age?
These may be very difficult questions to answer, but more men and women “of a certain age” are considering a facelift as a way to rejuvenate their appearance and bring a more youthful look to their lives.

Having more candles on your birthday cake does not necessarily equate with feeling older, and with the new awareness of healthy lifestyles, you may find that the healthiest and best time of your life is ahead of you. Statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery show that facelifts which naturally rejuvenate a person’s youthful appearance are increasing in number every year. In fact, facelifts are one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world.

Your face is one of the first areas to become affected by gravity. Your neck and skin around it can also begin to sag. At The Center For Plastic Surgery, it’s possible to discover the key to a more youthful future in just a few hours.

A facelift can counter years of the sun’s UV damage and the effects of the tug of gravity. Drooping folds are lifted, wrinkles are smoothed and time has takes a step backwards.

Patients who consult with Dr. Buchanan about a facelift procedure are interested in achieving results that will make them look years younger. Depending on each patient’s unique situation, we may advise a combination of procedures to achieve the most enhancing results.

A facelift can tighten the skin of your cheeks, forehead and around your eyes. A neck lift paired with a facelift, addresses the areas of your neck that may be sagging as well.

Using the Today’s Facelift procedure, Dr. Buchanan’s goal is to provide you the correction you desire, with as natural a result as possible. He wants you to look like you have had a great vacation, not like you had surgery.

The holidays are upon us and now is the perfect time!

Call to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Buchanan, today: (828) 526-3784.

Considering a Breast Lift?

Perky breasts…something to think about (if you haven’t already), whether you are a grandmother or a new mother. Breast implants are still a popular elective surgery, but women of all ages are opting to beautify their décolletage without implants. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) seems to be outpacing breast implants two to one since 2002, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Acknowledging that your breasts change over time can be disheartening. Childbearing, breastfeeding, heredity, the aging process and significant weight loss can contribute to your breasts changing their position, hanging lower on your chest and just plain sagging. If you have been considering breast lift surgery, read on.

What a breast lift does and does not do:
• A breast lift firms and raises raises your breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new contours of your breasts.
• A breast lift does not use implants or change the size of your breasts.
• A breast lift does not round out the upper part of your breast.
• Your breast tissue is elevated, creating a more youthful appearance.
• The symmetry of your breasts is also improved, resulting in a more pleasing shape to your breasts.

What’s the procedure?
A breast lift takes about three hours; it is as an outpatient procedure, in a hospital under light general anesthesia. Incisions are made around your areolae and from the bottom edge of your areolae to just above the crease underneath your breasts. The skin is tightened, excess skin is removed and the incisions are closed with small sutures. After Dr. Buchanan has removed your excess breast skin, your nipples and areolae may be moved to a higher position but will remain attached to underlying tissue, which usually preserves their sensation and the ability to breastfeed.

You should be able to return to normal activities in a few days and sports activities within a month.

Why wait? Now is the time to experience more perky, youthful breasts.
Call for a consultation appointment with Dr. Buchanan, today: (828) 526-3783.

Why Dr. Buchanan in Macon and Jackson Counties?

When someone is considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure in Macon or Jackson County, they are often referred to Dr. Buchanan, and with good reason! When considering a procedure as risky as cosmetic surgery, it’s important to fully trust your doctor.

Dr. Buchanan not only has a long history of satisfied patients, he is also a leader in the cosmetic surgery industry and in educating the public about cosmetic surgery.
Beyond his extensive experience, Dr. Buchanan’s writing has appeared in medical publications worldwide, and he has been speaker at many different cosmetic surgery conferences.

When considering a procedure, Dr Buchanan will give you all the time you need to prepare. The initial evaluation begins with a thorough exam and a frank discussion about what issues you seek to address. During this evaluation, he will present your options concerning the various procedures that are available to fit your needs.

With all of Dr. Buchanan’s experience and education, it’s no wonder he comes highly recommended by people in Macon and Jackson Counties! His knowledge and education make him easy to trust, and his professionalism and experience means you can be assured the best results possible.

Why Macon and Jackson County Patients Trust Dr. Buchanan for Cosmetic Surgery

When someone is considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure in Macon or Jackson County, they will often be referred to Dr Buchanan – and with good reason!

When considering a procedure as risky as cosmetic surgery, it’s important to fully trust your doctor – he can’t be just anybody since you’ll trust him or her with your body.

Dr Buchanan not only has a long line of satisfied patients to attest to, he is also a leader in the cosmetic surgery business and in educating people about cosmetic surgery.

Dr Buchanan has years of experience in the field, and has become an expert in the cosmetic surgery industry. His writings have appeared in various medical publications worldwide and he has been speaker for many different cosmetic surgery events.

He also takes the time to His involvement in teaching others also keeps him updated on the latest techniques and innovations in the cosmetic surgery field. When going in for a procedure, Dr Buchanan will give you all the time you need to prepare. The initial evaluation begins with a thorough exam and talking about what you would like to have done. During this evaluation, he is known to take the time with you needed to make the right decisions in what types of procedures you need.

With all of Dr Buchanan’s experience and education, it is no wonder he comes highly recommended by people in your own city! His knowledge and education make him easy to trust, and his professionalism and experience means you can be assured the best results possible.

So when you’re considering undergoing any sort of cosmetic procedure, give Dr Buchanan a call and set up an appointment. Become another success story and feel young, energetic and carefree again!

Dr. Buchanan Attends Facial Rejuvenation Symposium

Dr. Buchanan recently returned from the week long State-of-the-Art in Facial Aesthetics Symposium held this year in Atlanta. This is a multidisciplinary meeting concentrating on cosmetic rejuvenation of the face and neck with presentations by and discussions with others interested in achieving more natural results and faster recovery. Other disciplines sharing their expertise were Facial Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. Subjects covered included not only those relating to surgery but also nonsurgical methods of achieving facial rejuvenation. This was a very rewarding experience and allowed Dr. Buchanan to further his abilities to meet your needs.

Highlands Named a Top ArtPlaces Small Town

Earlier this year, ArtPlace named the top 12 major cities for the Arts. It has now named the 2013 Top Twelve Small-Town ArtPlace. These comprise arts-centric communities in single-town and metropolitan areas with a population of 100,000 or less. The selection was based on three factors identified by Impresa Inc: the concentration of arts-related nonprofits; arts-related businesses; and people working in creative occupations.

The initiative was designed to recognize smaller communities where the arts are central to creating the kind of places where people want to live, work and visit. After previously recognizing the ArtPlaces in large metropolitan areas, ArtPlace Director Carol Coletta said “It is equally important to recognize and celebrate dynamic Small-Town ArtPlaces and the unique qualities that make them worth the journey to explore and enjoy.”

Highlands was described as a community with few permanent residents but with a vibrant year around arts scene with the Bascom Center for Visual Arts, four theatre groups, galleries, antique dealers, and restaurants. It was the only town in the eastern US not in Florida or New England. It ranked with the well-known art colonies, Taos, NM and Vineyard Haven, MA.

The 2013 selections in state order are Eureka Springs, Ark., Crested Butte, Colo., Ketchum, Idaho, Vineyard Haven, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Lanesboro, Minn., Highlands, N.C., Taos, N.M., Marfa,Tex., Stowe, Vermont, Eastsound, Wash., and Sarasota, Fla.

North Carolina Plastic Surgery: The Importance of Before and After Photos

Apart from feedback from previous clients, “before and after” photos are one of the most effective ways to assess a plastic surgeon’s skill and finesse. Here at our North Carolina plastic surgery practice, we understand that making the decision to have plastic surgery could be quite difficult. Thus, we make it a point to provide you with the right set of information concerning the procedure you’re interested in.

Online Gallery vs. Personal Consultation

While the online gallery of pre and post-procedure photos could help you discern a surgeon’s ability to perform a certain procedure, you might want to personally visit the surgeon’s clinic, too. There are several patients who do not consent to their photos viewed online but allow the surgeon to show it to clients during consultations.

Also, during your personal visit with Dr. Buchanan, he will be able to pick out photos of patients who have similar anatomy, preferences, and goals as yours.

What to Look For in Before and After Photos

Here’s a quick guide of what to look for in before and after photos:

  • Check for consistency in the photos, particularly in the positioning of the subject and the size ratio of the photographs. Color saturation and lighting should also be identical.

  • Ask for photos of patients similar to your age, built, weight, gender, and ethnicity. With this trick, you would be able to visualize yourself better post-procedure.

  • Check for symmetry.

  • Assess for a surgeon’s aesthetic sense of beauty.

  • Check the quality of the scars. A highly experienced surgeon could really make them look tiny and inconspicuous as much as possible. Also, keep in mind that scars are visibly red a few weeks post-procedure and will eventually fade after roughly 6 months.

Dr. Buchanan has hospital privileges at both Highlands-Cashiers Hospital and at Harris Regional Hospital in Sylva.  The procedures are performed either in his office or at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital.  We are located at 209 Hospital Drive, Suite 202, Highlands, NC.  Call us at 828-526-3783 or fill out this contact form to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to your visit!