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What Do You Know About Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

 chin augmentationIf you feel that your chin is poorly shaped, does not compliment your other facial elements, is small, or recedes, a chin implant (chin augmentation surgery) may be the perfect surgical option for you. Although not as common as other procedures, this unique surgery can add proportion and balance to your chin. Chin augmentation is accomplished with implants which can increase the size or modify the shape of your chin.

If you haven’t heard much about chin augmentation, here are 10 interesting facts:

  1. A chin implant is made of a silicone material and is shaped somewhat like the narrow chin guard of a sports helmet. It is placed through an incision under your chin.
  2. Chin augmentation surgery takes about one hour; recovery is typically quick.
  3. Men typically pursue chin implants to achieve a squarer, more masculine chin.
  4. Women opt for chin augmentation to enhance a chin that is too small or droopy.
  5. Chin augmentation offers many aesthetic benefits for those who have a recessed, pointed or square chin, a prominent nose or a fleshy neck.
  6. Chin implant surgery will create a permanent change in your appearance. It won’t make you look like someone else, but it can enhance and balance your features.
  7. Chin augmentation may be performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty (“nose job”), eyelid surgery, a facelift or a forehead lift.
  8. If you have reasonable goals and expectations and are in good health, you would be a good candidate for chin augmentation surgery.
  9. During your consultation, Buchanan will discuss the relationship of your chin to your other facial features, and will make a recommendation based on these factors and your concerns and desires.
  10. After the surgery, you will have some mild bruising and swelling that can last a few days. Dr. Buchanan will advise you as to what to watch for as far as excessive or abnormal swelling or bruising.

If you have additional questions about chin augmentation surgery, call to request a consultation or contact us online.

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