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Tips for a Speedy Recovery after Blepharoplasty

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Sagging, bulging, hooded eyelids can make you look older than your biological age. This seems to be true regardless of the other lines and wrinkles on the face. Since upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) reverses this, many people choose this surgery alone rather than a full facelift. Rejuvenating the eyes can make that big of a difference for some. In our Highlands, NC office, Dr. Buchanan performs this procedure using local anesthetic and a mild sedative. Patients do not have to worry about the risks associated with general anesthesia, nor do they need to worry about a lengthy recovery. Here, we offer some tips for optimal healing after surgical eyelid rejuvenation.

Preparing for Your Blepharoplasty Recovery

Initially, you should do no lifting, pushing, pulling, or anything strenuous for several days and keep your head elevated for 1-2 weeks. You also have sutures externally for 3-7 days, bruising for a week or two (although we can generally cover this with makeup after the sutures are removed), and swelling for several weeks. You need to plan return to work and social engagements with this in mind. Some tips include finishing work or home projects before surgery, arranging help with children and pets, and making easy-to-prepare meals ahead of time. You should also find extra pillows so you can elevate your head at night, have cold compresses ready, and make sure you have any medications prescribed and liquid tears and gel for use postoperatively. Most people do much better if they have someone to help them for the first several days.

Post Operative Care

For your blepharoplasty recover to go as smoothly as possible, it is imperative that you follow your post-surgical care guidelines provided by our office. Your body will be using significant energy healing. Part of recovery, therefore, is getting the rest that your body will demand. This can be more of a challenge than some people imagine, which is why it is important to not immediately return to your pre-surgical activities. While you are recovering from eyelid rejuvenation surgery, your eyes can get stressed easily. To prevent this, you will need to refrain from too much screen time, reading, and other activities during which you may blink less or be exposed to harsh lights. While you can watch a show here and there, don’t plan on binging entire seasons in one day. What you may want to do more after surgery is sleep and just rest with your eyes closed. As an alternative to watching shows or reading, consider listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and music.

Recovery after this surgery is relatively short and stress-free. The most challenging aspect may be the short-lived appearance of bruising and swelling. Once these subside, the improvements achieved can be enjoyed for many years. 

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