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Liposuction of the Neck Highlands, NC

Remove Neck Fat with Liposuction

Occasionally the neck can be rejuvenated with Liposuction alone. This works best in the young with elastic skin, but can make a considerable difference in someone older who has a significant amount of fat in the upper neck. This can also be a good source of fat to inject elsewhere in the face. We do this as an office procedure under local anesthesia. Recovery is rapid.

The procedure can be done with light oral sedation, but most find this unnecessary. In fact, even “devout cowards” have commented afterward that “there was nothing to it.” Three small incisions about 1/8 inch long are made through numbed skin allowing the rest of the numbing to be done and the fat to be removed. A compression band is worn for a short while. There is usually almost no bruising, though what does occur is usually at the bottom of the neck. Most swelling is gone in a week or two, although there may still be a small amount for several months, though no one but you will know. The tiny scars essentially disappear in several weeks.

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The other ways to remove this fat is with Zerona® (only if you are trying to get rid of other localized fat also) and Kybella®. The latter was specifically designed for this area, but we find liposuction easier, more controllable and with a faster recovery and have, thus, abandoned use of this injectable.

We also use liposuction of the neck as a part of Today’s Facelift if there is excess fat there.

Before and After – 36 year old, Local Anesthesia

Before and After – 47 year old, Local Anesthesia

Before and After – Mid 50’s, Local Anesthesia



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