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Neck Lift | Highlands, NC

A neck lift improves the visible signs of aging or congenital laxity of the neck by removing excess fat, correcting muscle banding, and tightening the skin. It can also improve the jawline. A neck lift in Asheville, NC is usually a part of a facelift that should, more properly, be called a face and neck lift. However, the neck can be treated alone when the upper face is still pleasing and you do not want or need a procedure on the face itself.

The Ideal Candidate

There are three problems that are candidates for a stand-alone neck lift.

  1. Excess fat but with relatively good skin elasticity.
    These are best treated by liposuction alone.
  2. Muscle banding. This can be done with Botox® if it is a simple band. If not, the band needs to be divided and the muscle sewn together in the midline of the neck. Significant lateral bands need to be elevated toward the ear, recreating the ligament there that once held the muscle taught.
  3. Excess skin. There are also two ways of treating this. One is to undermine the skin and remove the excess around and behind the ear. This, however, should usually be done with a facelift. The other method is to simply excise the excess skin anteriorly. The disadvantage of this is that the scar is more visible, though relatively inconspicuous. Because of the beard, it is much better tolerated in men where it is almost invisible.

These methods can be combined.

Neck Lift Procedure

We do neck lift alone in the office under local anesthesia. Mild sedation is available if desired.

Recovery After A Neck Lift

We like you to have stopped all anti-inflammatory meds like aspirin, Aleve and Advil and any other anticoagulant or Vitamin-E for 1-2 weeks before the surgery and to remain off them for 1-week post op. You should also refrain from any straining or vigorous activity for 3-4 days post op. In males, there are sutures that need to come out in 4-7 days since buried sutures interfere with beard growth. After that, you can return to normal activities. There is some swelling for about a month or so. Scar redness also fades after about a month or so but can be hidden with camouflage make-up.

neck lift north carolina

Before Neck Lift

neck lift north carolina

After Neck Lift

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