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Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Innovations in Beauty

Non-invasive Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery has kept up with the demands of a busy lifestyle. Though the specialty name still implies surgery, fully half of what we do requires no cutting. This is due to the development of many ways to help you feel and look better with no down time, the so-called non or minimally invasive procedures. We can now markedly improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, hide wrinkles and remove fat without any cutting.

We have learned a significant amount about how the skin ages. This has helped us formulate protocols to either truly rejuvenate the skin or hide the effects of aging better. Cosmetics simply hide the problems, and, in many cases, worsen them. Skin health restoration, however, is a process, not a product. Healthy skin is smooth, firm, evenly pigmented, & hydrated with a slightly acid pH and protective lipid layer. To restore Sun damaged skin we need to:

  • Remove the thickened outer dead cell layer using products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, &/or use Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning &/or Micro-Peels by an aesthetician.
  • Restore the normal pH and protective layer with topical Vitamin-C and/or balancing toner.
  • Correct the Pigment by removing spots & making the rest of the skin a uniform color using Hydroquinone (or Kojic acid, Arbutin &, to some extent, topical Vitamin-C) occasionally supplemented with Micro-Peels or IPL light treatments.
  • Rebuild tissue & blood vessels & heal injured cells using Retin-A® and, to some extent, Kinerase®.

We need to protect our skin from any further sun damage. It is the long wave UVA rays that cause the most severe cellular damage leading to aging and skin cancer development. Not only are these present all the time and at all latitudes, they penetrate clothing and glass causing damage even when we think we are out of the sun. Because of this, we need to apply a UVA as well as UVB sunblock every day that lasts all day. Presently SPF indicates only the effectiveness of UVB blockage and protection from sunburn. Wearing a sunscreen with high SPF without UVA blockers only increases the length of time you stay in the sun, and, thus, the amount of exposure to the harmful UVA rays causing more cellular damage. We recommend you apply a sunblock containing CLEAR Zinc Oxide of at least 5% every day. Our office carries nothing but zinc oxide sun blocks from 6.8 – 18%.

The Obagi Nu-Derm® prescriptive system incorporates all of the above. The Theraderm® and Epionce® systems also utilize these principles. These and the other adjuncts are available in our spa. At the spa portion of the office, we have incorporated many of the products used in these systems in our facials to make them effective in aiding rejuvenation, rather than just a relaxing interlude, which they remain.

You can now enhance your eyelashes using an old medication in a new way. Many people using bimatoprost, a glaucoma drug noticed that their eyelashes were becoming longer, thicker and darker. The manufacturer reformulated the drug, and it is now available as Latisse® to enhance your lashes. It is safe and you see exceptional results in eight to sixteen weeks.

A new laser can melt fat without slowing you down. Zerona is a new low level laser that has been proven and accepted by the FDA to reduce fat and contour the body without surgery, pain or any down time (other than the brief times under the machine). We are using it with dietary modification to jump start weight loss and reduce the need for some surgical body modification.

All these modalities are completely non-invasive. They are available at the Medi-Spa part of the office.

Thank you for your business over the years! Dr. Buchanan is closing his practice and the Center For Plastic Surgery's last day open will be January 31, 2023.