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Acne – It’s Causes and Treatment Options

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

acne treatmentAcne, especially adult acne, is common. Adolescents suffer, that is true, but an increasing number of our older patients visit us to discuss their acne flare-ups. Good hygiene, healthy eating and staying hydrated are all important considerations in the fight against acne. But sometimes, even these things don’t seem to help.

If you are dealing with acne, read on to learn its primary causes.

  • Bacteria. Your facial skin has thousands of pores that act as traps for acne-loving germs and bacteria. Your hands also carry all sorts of strange and nasty bacteria which are transferred to your face when you touch or pick at your skin. Face-touching may be unconscious and may occur when you are relaxing, at work, or when you are sleeping. In any case, it adds unwanted, unhealthy bacteria to your facial skin, causing your existing acne to become worse and more resistant to treatment.
  • Oil. Your skin needs the oil which is produced by your follicles to stay moist, bright and youthful looking. But when too much oil is produced, your risk of acne increases. Hormonal changes bring excessive oil production. That’s why so many adolescents going through puberty suffer from acne. Many adults also deal with hormonal imbalances. Women are especially susceptible during and after menopause.
  • Clogged Pores. The purpose of your pores is to move sweat and oil from the gland where it is produced to the skin surface. But your pores can easily become obstructed by dry, dead skin cells, and when that happens, acne can be a result. One of the surest ways to combat this acne trigger is to keep your face clean with a morning and night skin care routine which includes a mild exfoliant. Don’t ever go to bed without removing your pore-clogging make up.

The take-away: Acne can be treated. We offer laser and light procedures, chemical peels, skin care and microdermabrasion, all of which are helpful in addressing acne and it’s scars. We invite you to call to schedule an appointment, today: (828) 526-3783.

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