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Is Your Mask Causing Skin Problems?

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Maskne from Mask WearingMaskne: A Problem of our Time

Before 2020, the term “maskne,” a term for skin problems caused by wearing a facial mask, did not exist. There was no need for a term like this before mask-wearing became the new norm. Once the threat of the novel coronavirus passes, and it will, we may go back to living our lives mask-free. For now, though, while we are masked, many people have to deal with an increase in inflammatory skin conditions. Maskne isn’t just more frequent acne flare-ups, it can also be new or worsening bouts of other dermatological problems.

It isn’t difficult to see why wearing a mask can result in these frustrating problems. When we talk and breathe under a mask, our breath creates the warm, humid environment bacteria and other flora love. Unfortunately, this problem may get worse as, because or the newer strains of the virus, we need masks that filter better, thus trapping warmth and oral bacteria more. The more microorganisms thrive in this environment, the more chance there is for skin irritation that results in physical symptoms like redness, itching, and pimples.

Can we Prevent Maskne?

Knowing that wearing a mask sets the stage for bacterial growth, we can implement a few strategies to minimize this risk.

  • If you wear a disposable mask, dispose of it regularly! Do not attempt to reuse this type of mask. If you wear a fabric mask, have a few on hand and wash them with a fragrance-free detergent often using warm water and a heated dryer.
  • Proper skin care is more important than ever. Wash your face twice daily using using an exfoliant at least once daily. Use of Vitamin-C Serum, an anti-inflammatory, can also help. It also acts as a pH balancer, which you need if you do not use Vitamin-C.
  • If you get significant irritation, you may need an antibiotic or other cream to control the problem. We are here to help with that.

If your skin is already showing signs of irritation from your mask, don’t wait to get help. Contact our Highlands, NC office. We may be wearing masks for a bit longer, but that doesn’t mean our skin has to suffer. Call (828) 526-3783 today to schedule your visit.

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