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It’s Time to Care for Winter Skin

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

It’s time to care for winter skin. When the temperature dips, and we have many months of cold weather ahead, it’s time to start thinking about the skin. Low temperatures affect the skin just as much as hot, humid weather. In this case, the skin on the face, hands, and body can get so dry and flaky that painful itching or cracking occurs. Here, we offer a few tips on caring for your winter skin so you can avoid unnecessary stress and discomfort.

Moisten the Air to Nurture Your Skin

When we worry about getting dry skin, we often think about what we use topically. During the winter months when the air naturally gets drier, daily lotion application is not the answer. The skin is moistened from what we put into the body and the air. To care for winter skin, dermatologists suggest drinking more fluids to sustain adequate hydration. The skin loses moisture when the air is extremely dry. Experts have long talked about the benefits of using a humidifier during the winter months, especially when the heater is running more often than not, as furnaces dry the air.

Switch up Your Products

The skin is more prone to irritation during the winter months due to the dryness of the air. Therefore, there is a need for gentler products. A foaming wash can be optimal most of the time, but a gentle cleanser may be best in the winter. Going from a 15 or 20% Vitamin-C to 10% or switching from one sunblock to another frequently helps. Adding Hydrate to an Obagi protocol can help some people.

Skip the Exfoliating

We usually tout the efficacy of exfoliation for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. This practice of loosening dead and damaged skin cells for faster turnover can be beneficial in the right circumstances. Reducing exfoliation can allow slightly more dead cells that reduce some of the evaporation from the skin into the dry air..

Dry Skin Thoroughly Before Going Outside

Whether you’re running errands and wash your hands or need to run the trash out after you’ve washed the dishes, it is necessary to avoid going out into the cold with damp skin. The cold air interferes with the integrity of your skin’s natural barrier, increasing the risk of chapping. On the same note of skin getting chapped more easily, it is also necessary to avoid licking your lips when outdoors in cold weather. Instead, maintain moisture with Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink (that also protects them from sun damage).

Our practice offers several skincare and medspa services to help you nurture your skin any time of year. To schedule an appointment, call | (828) 526-3783.

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