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It’s Winter And It’s Cold…The Perfect Combination For Itchy, Dry Skin

Friday, January 15th, 2016

winte skinDry skin. Itchy skin. If you suffer from it you know how annoying it can be. You find yourself itching and scratching at your legs and arms…and trying to reach your back to no avail. Yikes!
Winter temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc with your skin…all of it.

If you suffer from chronic dry skin and winter is only making it worse, here are 3 tips to follow to help you get your lovely skin feeling and looking smoother for 2016:

  1. Try Body Brushing – Brushing is great for your hair and your teeth…it is also great for your body. Use a brush specifically designed for skin and dry-brush yourself all over for 10 minutes every day – preferably before bathing or showering. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, it is not…you will improve your circulation and notice a difference in your skin within days.
  2. Try Exfoliation – A sugar or salt based exfoliating scrub is another natural way to rid your body of flaky, dead, dry skin that has built up over time. Apply the scrub to your arms and legs and anywhere else your skin is dry. Rub it in for 30 seconds and rinse with warm water. Do this in the shower at least twice a week. There are recipes for DIY scrubs online…research, create and exfoliate! Your skin will definitely thank you.
  3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – Just do it. If you aren’t applying a good moisturizer to your body (as well as your face) you are asking for itching. Sealing in moisture is the key. Look for a heavy-duty, moisturizing body cream or body butter that is designed to seal in moisture after your shower or bath.

Resolve to take better care of your skin this year! Call our office to learn more: (828) 526-3783.

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