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Looking to Up Your Skincare? Why You Should Consider Epionce

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Beautiful Skin Highlands, NCIf you read fashion magazines, watch daytime television, or look at fashion blogs online, then you probably get your fair dose of skin care ads. However, with so many options available, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to choose a skin care product line and regimen that’s suited to you, your age, and your skin type.

Here at Center For Plastic Surgery, we know just how important good skin care is which is why we offer a number of unique systems, one of which is Epionce.

What’s Epionce?

This four-phase basic skin care system is designed to cleanse, renew and fortify, protect and prevent sun damage, and strengthen the skin’s own mechanisms. Plus, because it’s made with botanical ingredients, you won’t have to worry about adding any harmful chemicals to your skin. The goal of Epionce is to strengthen your skin to improve function, restore the barrier, and reverse any destructive skin inflammation or issues.

As a skin care system that is sold exclusively to physicians and skin care professionals, you know that you will get comprehensive results from Epionce. Plus, as an evidence-based system, we have seen our patients get real results that are worth bragging about every time.

Who Is It For?

Epionce is a system that’s primarily beneficial for patients with minimal sun damage who are looking for basic skin care products. During your appointment with Dr. Buchanan or our aesthetician at the Center For Plastic Surgery, we will go over your skin’s current condition and the results you are hoping to see to help you decide if Epionce is right for you!

Healthy, clear, youthful skin starts with a good skincare routine. Our Epionce skin care system is great at hydrating, firming, and cleansing the skin and protecting it from any further sun damage.

Are you ready to learn more about Epionce and whether or not it’s right for you? Contact our Highlands office today and call: (828) 526-3783.

Thank you for your business over the years! Dr. Buchanan is closing his practice and the Center For Plastic Surgery's last day open will be January 31, 2023.