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Younger Looking Skin Starts from Within

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

If you’ve been searching long and hard for the single most important secret for younger looking skin, it’s actually been staring you in the face all along – it’s you. Or more specifically it’s the way you look after yourself as while the products you choose to look after your skin will make a difference, nothing is more important that what you put into your body. Any professional beautician or nutritionist in the world will tell you that younger looking skin starts from within – all the beauty products on Earth will do you no good at all if you don’t look after your inner-health.

This of course refers largely to diet and the choices we make in terms of food and drink. Now, this doesn’t mean that the only way to maintain younger looking skin is to live in nothing but lettuce leaves and water, but at the same time it does mean that cutting out the garbage is essential. For example, saturates fats are notoriously bad for the skin as too can be the majority of artificial additives. Too much of the sweet stuff and you’re heading for a skin problem too – it’s all about balance and moderation.

That being said however, there are other habits for which there really is no such thing as a ‘safe’ minimum intake – smoking and drinking alcohol for example. Every cigarette smoked will have a marked effect on the body’s overall health and this will sooner or later show through the skin. The same also applies to alcohol, so in reality the only safe amount to smoke and drink is to not do it at all. It all depends on how important the health of your body is to you – choose your priorities wisely and if you genuinely have your heart set on inner and outer health, you already have all the tools for the job you’ll ever need.

Thank you for your business over the years! Dr. Buchanan is closing his practice and the Center For Plastic Surgery's last day open will be January 31, 2023.