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How a Thigh Lift Can Change Your Shape

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Beach wraps, Capri shorts, maxi skirts and straight leg pants. We certainly go through a lot of trouble to hide our thighs! Yet no matter how much we try to slim them out with the right clothes, workouts, diets and crams, the thighs for most women are one of the most difficult areas to slim, mainly because women have a genetic tendency to store fat there. But when we try our best and still don’t get the results we want, or even when we do lose weight but end up with saggy thighs, it can be a big disappointment! That’s where a great procedure called a thigh lift can be amazing!

A thigh lift is done by your surgeon making incisions in either the medial thigh incision, or the outer thigh incision. The medial is often the preferred choice since it is much smaller and easier to conceal – it goes across the groin area at the top of the thigh. The outer thigh incision is required when that part of your thigh requires more reshaping and id done from the groin around the hip. Both incisions are done in the least visible places possible so they can be easily covered with swimsuits or clothing. Underlying tissue is reshaped and tightened, and then the skin is smoothed out and draped over it to support the new shape. Excess is trimmed away.

The result of a lift is smoother skin, thinner legs, and even reduced cellulite. A thigh lift will tone the skin, and get rid of sagginess you may have gotten from losing weight or aging. Although it can change the shape of your thighs, it does not get rid of fat. If you wish to slim excess fat off your thighs or knees, you’ll have to have liposuction performed as well.

You’ll notice some results from your thigh lift right away – the full results will be most noticeable after a few weeks of recovery though. You can expect to see slimmer, shapelier thighs, with no unsightly sagging or jiggling when you walk. A thigh lift can make your entire body look slimmer, fitter and younger by smoothing the skin and slim your silhouette.

At the Center for Plastic Surgery in North Carolina, you can trust the broad experience of Dr Buchanan and his teams to deliver the results you’re seeking! A thigh lift can only help you look your best if it’s done well, and we can do it the best, with a professional team and a caring, compassionate staff.

Thank you for your business over the years! Dr. Buchanan is closing his practice and the Center For Plastic Surgery's last day open will be January 31, 2023.