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Slim Down for Summer with the Zerona Laser

Friday, May 9th, 2014

When the sun heats up and the mercury rises, it’s time to whip out those bikinis and dresses again, right? For most of us – no! Even those people who are slimmer tend to gain 5-7 pounds during the winter and holiday months, so it is no surprise that when it’s suddenly summer; everyone wants to slim down yesterday! But is there really a quick fix solution? Is there a way to get rid of those saddlebags once and for all without having to recover from a liposuction procedure? The amazingly simple answer is, yes!

The Zerona laser is an FDA-approved laser treatment for actual fat reduction – and it works in just 2 weeks! Sound is too good to be true. It’s not – and our patients have proven it! The laser works by burning a small hole right in the fat cells membranes. This causes the fat to drip out, and then be eliminated by your body naturally. The process takes 6 treatments over 2 weeks which require less than an hour of your time. All you have to do is spend 20 minutes on your back, then 20 on your stomach while the laser zaps away the fat! There is no recovery needed – besides a tingling sensation afterwards, you can continue on with your day feeling great!

So is this miracle treatment right for you? It’s not for everybody! The Zerona laser eliminates the fat in cells only. It cannot tighten the skin as lift procedures done with liposuction could. So if you have more than a little extra fat on your thighs to lose, the Zerona isn’t ideal. It can however, be done before liposuction to help flush out fat, or you could even use it as a motivator to get you losing weight with quick results. It also doesn’t completely eliminate fat cells, it just drains them It’s best to still be careful with your diet and workouts afterwards so you don’t quickly gain it back, as with any fat loss procedure.

If the Zerona sounds like something you need to try, give us a visit! We’ll carefully go over all the steps with you and show you how this miracle laser can change your body for the better!

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